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Postée le : 04.08.2017
Référence : AFJV-EINF1325-12239

Open Mind Innovation

Open Mind Innovation is a French startup developing neuro-technologies to keep your mind younger, healthier and sharper.
We offer neuro-cognitive training programs and digital therapies to manage stress and maintain cognitive skills using video games in virtual reality.
Our startup brings together experienced entrepreneurs and experts from various backgrounds : neuroscientists, medical doctors, psychologists, game designers, computer scientists. We combine our teams' expertise to make the best services available to the general public in the very near future.

3D Generalist/Character Animator for VR animation

Freelance Paris (75)

Description du poste

We would like to bring on board a 3D Generalist specialising in Character Animation to help us develop an educational animation in VR.

The animation will be a real-time animation in a VR game. The art style would be a simplistic cartoon style and it would have a running time of approximately 4 minutes.

The animation follows a caveman through some daily struggles in prehistoric life ; being the hunter one moment and then the hunted the next ! We then flash forward to our modern day and here we see some modern day struggles that may seem quite different. But through the education of the animation we then show that there are some internal behaviours that are quite similar. It is a fun little animation to demonstrate some education in an immersive way.

Profil du candidat

Candidate :
The applicant would need to be a generalist to build and animate all assets and backgrounds. This animation is the first in a series and would potentially lead onto continued work upon the series.

Requirements :
  • 3D Art and Animation for games (character/background concept designs, model in low-polygon detail, uv/texture, rig/skin, light and animate)
  • Need to supply own computer and software for production
  • Can work remotely and communicate daily with Slack, Skype, Trello
  • Is comfortable communicating in English

Pluses :
  • Experience integrating animations into Unity
  • Experience creating animations for VR

Informations supplémentaires

With promising applicants we will follow-up with the art style guide, script and camera shot breakdown to being discussions of time and cost estimates.

A fournir

To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, and portfolio / website
A l'attention de : Alex Seel