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36, rue de Mulhouse
4020 Liège

Postée le : 29.02.2012
Référence : AFJV-EINF575-3772


Nozon is a post production facility delivering high quality visual effects, 3D animation and fully immersive 360° CG movies.
Since 1998, we have grown steadily to become a well known reference thanks to our artistic approach and strong R&D department.
In 2015, Nozon introduces PresenZ, a revolutionary technology for immersive movies. PresenZ allows for interactive parallax in 360° CG movies.
Nozon is today a Starbreeze Studio.

3D Artist (Texturing / Modeling / Matte painting)

Emploi Liège (Belgique)

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Le recrutement pour ce poste est maintenant terminé.