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Postée le : 07.02.2017
Référence : AFJV-SCOM835-11311

Lightbulb crew

Lightbulb Crew is a developer of core games for PC and Consoles. Our first title Games of Glory is released as a competitive Top-down team shooter with cross-play capapbility between PC and PS4/Consoles. We are focused on creating a tightly knit team working together with our fans to develop innovative video game experiences

Marketing assistant

Stage Paris (75)

Description du stage

Lightbulb Crew will start commercialization of Games of Glory with an open beta release date set for Q1 2017. We are seeking an operational marketing assistant to support the marketing team's work to launch the game. This includes working with Social marketing, PR, and "traditional" on-line advertising. There is an initial strong focus on PR, event and social marketing foreseen.

Profil du candidat

  • A successful student from an school focused on B2C marketing.
  • Interest in video based marketing (YouTube, streaming etc) important.
  • A real interest in video games as well as a good understanding of the marketing of video games
  • Personality : Outgoing sales person, responsible, creative, doer, good work ethic
  • Good English skills necessary for the position.

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