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3D Artist (Texturing / Modeling / Matte painting)

Job offer Nozon

36, rue de Mulhouse
4020 Liège
Date : 29.02.2012
Reference : AFJV-EINF575-3772

3D Artist (Texturing / Modeling / Matte painting)

Town : Liège (Belgique)Job Description

Recruitment for this position is now closed.


Nozon is a Post Production facility and a 3D animation studio.
We are based in Brussels, Paris and Liege.
Since 1998 we have grown steadily to become a well-known reference for

High-end visual effects and
3D animation

Clients worldwide trust us every day to achive stunning visual effects on their productions.

Our passionate creative team apply their skills to
- Advertising
- Feature Films Visual Effects and Opening Titles
- 3D Animated Series
- Music Videos and Documentaries
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