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Testeur Qualité

Internship offer Dashlane

14, rue Crespin du Gast
75011 Paris
Date : 30.08.2011
Reference : AFJV-STES446-2837

Testeur Qualité

Town : Paris (75)Internship Description

This posting has expired. It had been posted for the first time 29.06.2011
All ads displayed on the job portal of AFJV are less than three months.


Dashlane is a NYC/Paris based startup that is replacing web drudgery with web joy. Our desktop and mobile apps enable instant logins, checkouts, and registrations on any site?no integration necessary?making keyboard-less transactions possible on every device. And we do this all while maintaining the world's best security and privacy architecture.
Sounds pretty awesome, right? Our happy and growing user-base would agree. Plus, Dashlane has won some big-time awards, landed some impressive funding, and has filled its ranks from top to bottom with some of the smartest, friendliest, most amazing team of go-getters in the industry. We enjoy the usual startup perks (accomplishment-based work schedule, beer in the fridge, etc.) with the added benefit of working along the banks of the Seine every now and again. Ready to join us?
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