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Starchain Gazer

Starchain Gazer is a young game studio created by industry veterans. We are focused on the creation of a mobile & desktop game for casual to mid-core gamers. Our expertise is 4X RTS games acting as a casualized version of hardcore strategy games. Our team is composed of game designers, game developers, artists, and a UX/UI designer.

The title for which you are applying is the following :

Time Breachers is a Massive Multiplayer Real-Time Tactical Action Game. As a player, you start by choosing a "Time Runner" career in a "Uchronic" Multiverse composed of an infinite number of versions of Earth, each with its own history, geography, and inhabitants.

As a Time Runner, it's your job to explore sectors of the Multiverse and scout planets to find and exploit valuable Time Resources for powerful factions & corporations. On your quest, you are helped by mighty inhabitants of the Multiverse called "Uchronians".

Uchronians live in various parts of the Multiverse, each having followed a different course of history. For example, a Roman empire mastering energy fields, Prehistoric tribes having developed firearms, a Medieval Cyber World War, etc.
All are potential historic outcomes occurring in their own world. Being powerful units, Uchronians are the only characters who can explore alternate eras to collect rare and desirable Artifacts.

Whether discovering uncharted alternate Earths, exploiting and scavenging unstable temporal resources, or conquering territories from rival factions-the journey of a Time Runner is not an easy ride.

Alpha 2 Mobile Game Teaser :