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Sandfall Interactive

34000 Montpellier

Date : 15.02.2021
Ad posted a first time on 04.02.2021
Reference : AFJV-ECEP1875-19387

Sandfall Interactive

Sandfall Interactive est un nouveau studio fondé par deux anciens d'Ubisoft et basé à Montpellier.
Nous nous équipons des meilleurs outils pour produire des jeux de qualité AA avec une petite équipe.
Nous développons actuellement un ambitieux turn-based RPG pour PC/consoles sur Unreal Engine 4 (et bientôt 5)!
Rejoignez un studio en formation et participez à la naissance d'un jeu premium et d'une nouvelle licence.
Plus d'infos sur notre site :
Sandfall Interactive recrutement

Game & Level Designer

Fixed term contract Montpellier (34)

Position Duties

Sandfall Interactive is a new studio based in France, in the sunny city of Montpellier. We are a fun and ambitious bunch, focusing on premium games for PC and next gen consoles as these are the games we love the most, and we are looking for talented collaborators and passionate gamers to start this journey with us.

The first game we are working on is Project W, an ambitious 3D third-person turn-based jRPG-inspired game with a realistic western art style. The game is planned to release on Unreal Engine 5.

As a Game & Level Designer, you will have a lot of autonomy and freedom to establish cool game and level mechanics. We are looking for someone who is able to create AAA quality levels with interesting mechanics, and help with the global game design mechanics of the game (and their implementation).

Responsibilities :
  • Create AAA quality levels working hand in hand with the Art Director and Environment Artists.
  • Conceptualize, design and script game levels.
  • Block-out levels inside Unreal Engine 4.
  • Create gameplay objects with Blueprint inside UE4
  • Script skills of the player and enemies with Blueprint inside UE4
  • Synthesize the game and level design of the game in a clear documentation
  • Work with the Creative Director and Game Designers to bring innovative ideas to all aspects of game design.
  • Be a driving force in improving the player experience.
  • Create fun environmental puzzles for the player to solve.
  • Work with other designers to place enemies in the environment.
  • Work with other designers to create fun gameplay abilities usable during the exploration.
  • Create fun mini games from scratch in Blueprint

Candidate Profile

Skills Required :
  • You have a deep understanding of game & level design and what makes a level fun to play, ideally on single player games.
  • You have a good ability to explain game & level design intentions to the rest of the team.
  • You are able to work with the artistic team to create levels that are both interesting to play and beautiful.
  • You know how to create well optimized levels.
  • You are incredibly creative when it comes to creating game design mechanics
  • You are curious and always look out for new tech to improve the quality and efficiency of our pipelines
  • Having a good artistic vision for environments is a plus.
  • You love playing games (if you like games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or Persona it's even better).
  • You are able to relocate to Montpellier, France (note : you need to be fluent in English, speaking French is not required).

Experience :
  • Proven portfolio of AAA quality levels.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4.
  • A previous experience on a shipped AAA title is appreciated but not required. A great portfolio can make up for it.


Resume, portfolio
To: François Meurisse
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