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75010 Paris

Date : 07.11.2022
Reference : AFJV-ECEP2051-24286

Oxya Origin

The gaming industry is currently disrupted by the Blockchain ecosystem. By introducing novel ways in which gamers interact with the game's environment and assets, Blockchain redefines the whole gaming experience.

Oxya Origin is a realistic Shooter and Land Strategy Play & Earn game featuring a PVE Roguelite explorer, a PVP Battle Royale and a dashboard HQ to manage ecosystem NFT assets. Collect resources from your Land, Craft Weapons and Equipment and use them to dominate the TPS games or trade them for profit on the marketplace.
Developed on Unreal Engine 5 leveraging Immutable X for gas-free trading on $ETH. Oxya Origin is also incubated in Station F (topest in Europe) by Ubisoft.
Present in the top 100 largest NFT projects in the world, $13M generated and with over 400k followers on our socials, we want to work with the best talents.

Lead Game Designer

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

As a Lead Game Designer at OXYA ORIGIN, you are the game architect. You are involved with the design of the genre, environment, characters, gameplay system, objectives, and user experience. A Lead Game Designer is the creative force behind the development of a game. Game designers serve as the hub of the development team to facilitate the game vision and distribute the right information to the different stakeholders. The user experience must always be considered during the development process, as players need to feel engaged and rewarded by the game to continue playing.

It is the Lead Game Designer's job to ensure that teams and team dynamics work effectively to implement the game vision. 

The ideal candidate is a jack of all trades, familiar with all the steps and aspects of the game production. Whatever the scope of the task, the role of the Lead Game Designer requires a mix of creative, managerial, and technical responsibilities.
  • Craft a consistent system design with a solid core loop ;
  • Understand and design the required meta systems of the gameplay ;
  • Make sure that the game design can scale according to the business goals of the project ;
  • Take the lead on every element of the game including rules, setting, objects, vehicles, weapons, etc, 
  • Define user interface, menus, and controls ;
  • Generate the different Game Design Documents according to the audience and utility ;
  • Make sure the project timeline is broken into meaningful stages that reflect the product strategy and the high-level business goals ;
  • Decide on the devices and platforms on which the game is played 
  • Define the user experience ;
  • Research target audience to understand what they want in the game
  • Support the QA process by providing enough info and detailed definitions of features ;
  • Oversee the marketing and distribution roll-out ;
  • Ongoing development and versions of the game ;
  • Make sure the game is prepared for detailed data collection and performance monitoring and work with Analytics team to analyze and identify anomalies addressing those with the corresponding design decisions ;

Candidate Profile

  • Experience : 5+ years
  • A track record with established studious and successful games on computer ;
  • Pro-activity and consciousness ;
  • Extremely Motivated ;
  • High attention to detail ;
  • Excellent communication skills - Very good spoken & written English ; Bilingual french / english speaking is also a significant advantage.
  • A track record with established studious and successful games on computer ;
  • Solid understanding of art and production pipelines ;
  • General expertise in game systems and the game development process 
  • High-level artistic skills - proportion, color, composition ;
  • Creative mindset and ability to overcome challenges ;
  • Strong analytical mind ;
  • Solid knowledge of the industry, how games work, and the latest trends ;
  • Technical knowledge - understanding the software and systems that bring the game to life ;
  • Focus - the ability to think about the big picture while dealing with the daily production issues that arise ;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with differences between creative and technical teams ;
  • Leadership skills - managing the production process, scheduling, budgeting, keeping all the departments on track ;
  • Unreal Engine


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: Recruitment manager
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