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Wolcen Studio (logo)
Wolcen Studio
26 avenue Notre-Dame
06000 Nice

Date : 14.01.2021
Reference : AFJV-EDEV1304-19230

Wolcen Studio

Wolcen Studio is a video game development company located in Nice, France.

We released our first title in february 2020 : "Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem"

Gameplay Programmer

Permanent contract Nice (06)

Position Duties

Based in Nice, France, Wolcen Studio is looking for a Game Play Programmer to join the team to support our growth
The candidate must be flexible, able to work in a highly collaborative environment, prioritize across multiple competing tasks, work independently as a programmer, and be able to complete tasks on time.

Your main responsabilities will be :
  • Create new gameplay features following design specifications and provide tools to facilitate their usage.
  • Help prototyping features from early intentions and follow their conception and integration closely until they are fully added to the game.
  • Communicate and synchronize with other programmers and other departments to ensure feature integration continuity.
  • Deploy testing and profiling code to measure the impact of new game features on the existing codebase.
  • Help maintaining existing game features, reviewing and debugging existing code, correcting bugs identified by the production and quality control teams.
  • Work closely with other programmers to ensure the stability of the game engine codebase when working on shared features and game systems.
  • Work with people from other departments in developing the tools required to efficiently make the necessary gameplay adjustments.
  • Meet deadlines provided by the project manager and follow a precise build release schedule.
  • Help estimate development cost of features and code changes.

Candidate Profile

  • Master's degree in engineering or computer science or equivalent.
  • At least 2 years of experience as gameplay programmer.
  • Extensive knowledge of C++ language.
  • Experience using SCM solutions (git, svn, etc.)
  • Solid knowledge of client / server network architecture
  • Autonomy, ability to work with other teams
  • Ability to provide feature integration structures and documentation
  • French-English, spoken and written.
  • Knowledge of scripting language is a plus
  • Experience with the CryEngine 3.8.6 is a plus
  • Experience working on active online multiplayer games is a plus
  • Interest in game design is a plus


CV and cover letter + github or website
To: Recruitment manager
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