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Postée le : 14.09.2018
Référence : AFJV-EDEV1484-14417


Chez MainBot, nous créons des compagnons robots utiles,, aujourd'hui pour les enfants, ensuite pour toute la famille et, plus tard, pour les personnes âgées. Nous sommes convaincus que les robots enrichiront de manière exponentielle nos expériences quotidiennes. Notre premier robot, Winky, est un robot compagnon modulaire et intelligent destiné aux enfants de 7 à 10 ans, alliant comportement affectif et caractéristiques éducatives.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

CDI Ivry Sur Seine (94)

Description du poste

As the Chief Technology Officer, you will be responsible for all technical choices regarding the development of Mainbot's product line. You will handle a variety of technologies, ranging from embedded electronics to mechanical engineering. Your main assignment will consist in engaging highly skilled individuals and partners to turn the current prototype into a production-worthy design, focusing on reliability and cost-efficiency. A high degree of versatility and creativity is expected as you will also take part of the upstream phases of our product development cycle.
Reporting to the CEO, you will work both as part of a team and individually.

Job Responsibilities :
  • Source, hire and manage a team of specialists in a wide array of technical branches ;
  • Identify, select and drive the relevant partners to help achieve production goals and deadlines ;
  • Ensure the end product is safe and certified for its targeted user demographic and international markets ;
  • Carry out and monitor the product development and production roadmaps on both strategic and tactical scopes ;
  • Oversee all engineering endeavours within the company, including mechanical engineering, embedded electronics engineering, firmware and application development ;
  • Guarantee a seamless integration of all developed technologies within the product ;
  • Carry out a constant technology watch and stay aware of market opportunities and competition threats ;
  • Take part and actively participate in strategic meetings and decision processes.

Profil du candidat

  • Problem solving / analysis, ability to write functional specifications and convert them to technical specifications ;
  • A good flair for talents, with the ability to hire and engage very demanded individuals ;
  • Flexible management style, ability to lead a team of mixed ages and cultures ;
  • Theoretical and practical approach of mechanical engineering, basic handling of CAD tools ;
  • General understanding of mobile development environment and game engines ;
  • Low-level software development skills, with a good understanding of the inner workings of a processor "under the hood" ;
  • Fluency with the actors, culture, tools and methods encountered in manufacturing ;
  • User-focused mindset, ability to discuss feature priorities based on marketing principles ;
  • Rigor, attention to detail, engagement for reliability ;
  • Willingness to share knowledge with the rest of the team.
Prerequisites :
  • Broad technology knowledge, encompassing many aspects of robotics and beyond ;
  • An experience in a professional or open source R&D team is appreciated ;
  • A proven experience in a manufacturing environment (at least 2 years of activity) is required ;
  • Autonomous, proactive, rigorous and organized mindset ;
  • Fluent English and French, Chinese would be an asset ;
  • Interest for robotics, videogames and education.

A fournir

Resume, motivation letter, references, web site (if relevant)
A l'attention de : Chief Technology Officer