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Virtual Beings
1 rue de Saintes
Atelier Magelis
16000 Angoulême

Date : 30.09.2020
Reference : AFJV-EDEV1846-18611

Virtual Beings

Bonjour! We are a games+AI startup based in Southern France. We have developed the RASCAL! engine, which brings next-gen game AI to all platforms. We are currently working on our first mobile title.
Virtual Beings recrutement

Gameplay developer C# (junior)

Fixed term contract Angoulême (16)

Position Duties

To complement our small, currently remote(*) team, we're looking for a gameplay/UI developer (C#, Unity) to help us define how players interact with our upcoming mobile game.

(*) After the pandemic we will be able to offer workspace in Angoulême and Montpellier, while continuing to use workflows that are compatible with remote work.)

What you will work on :
  • Writing portable, high-quality UI code.
  • Implementing core F2P mechanics (game economy and progression systems).
  • Developing parts of the game's infrastructure, such as serialization, appstore integration and analytics.
  • Optimizing new and existing code for performance and robustness.

What you can expect from us :
  • We see ourselves as curious and open-minded, as people who love learning and growing. At the same time, we apply strict coding standards, solve problems collaboratively, review each other's work on a daily basis, and keep up with the latest tools and ideas.
  • We have an anti-crunch policy and we keep an inclusive work environment (and mean it).
  • Your compensation will be based on experience.

Candidate Profile

What we expect from you :
  • You know C#, Unity and Git like the inside of your coat.
  • You have a solid understanding of fundamental comp-sci, especially software architecture. You're good at analyzing complex problems and quick at learning whatever is necessary to solve them.
  • You fit well into a tightly knit remote-first team. You are self-driven and take initiative. You enjoy collaborating and communicating remotely and you're prepared to be "always on" during work hours.
  • You have an interest in the broader aspects of game development, especially game design.
  • You're fluent in English (both spoken and written).
  • You like cute pets and nice humans.


Things to send us :
- CV
- GitHub page or equivalent
- References
- Links to any relevant accomplishments (shipped game, website, ...)
To: Responsable du recrutement