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Date : 14.06.2022
Ad posted a first time on 02.06.2022
Reference : AFJV-EDEV1997-23060


Globant is a digitally native technology services company where innovation, design and engineering meet scale.
Our internal Gaming division supports most of the main publishers globally in co-developing their major franchises (from AA to A-AAA) on all platforms !

Technical Director Gaming

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

We are looking for an experienced Technical Director to join our Gaming division in EMEA. This is a very exciting position where you would not only use your technical capabilities, but also you'll manage several projects and teams !

You will have to :
  • Motivate, teach, mentor & guide Leaders (and team) on what to do to take the strategic plan to action, with an international scope (our teams are based around the globe) ;
  • After defining the WHAT, help leaders create the HOW, monitor the process but allow for autonomy and creativity ;
  • Contribute autonomously, mostly on their leading area, sometimes with cross impact and frequently working with day to day business ;
  • Dedicate enough time to day-to-day matters (conflict resolution and definitions) with the purpose of ensuring the success of the strategic plan ;
  • Define new excellence standards and try to improve the team's performance in comparison with the benchmark ;
  • Responsibility on the team / area budget. Is in charge of a team within a department. Lead 1 or more than a Leader / specialist/s ;
  • Lead from a technical standpoint one of our most important and unannounced project !

Location : we are open to candidates based in France or in any country close to France (Spain, Germany, UK...).
We are a very agile and flexible company and open to hybrid / remote work.

Candidate Profile

  • Passionate about playing and making games, and have a good knowledge of the games industry ;
  • Knowledge of object oriented development or other game related paradigms
  • Expert on Game development process and Key areas of game development
  • Experience on define architecture for games single player and multiplayer in consoles and/or PC
  • Experience on at least 2 shipped videogames (Console / PC)
  • Able to plan and estimate their team tasks and ensure timely delivery of work, and assist with the planning of work to more junior members of the team ;
  • Self-motivated and proactive with a strong work ethic ;
  • Good oral and written english communication skills ;
  • Knowledge of common algorithms, data structures and patterns, and the ability to apply them to problems while keeping constraints and performance in mind ;
  • Solve problems that require not just local logic to run but online, multi-player and/or multi-platform features to work.
  • Able to analyze unfamiliar code of a reasonable complexity to understand and extend the functionality of an existing module ;
  • Able to debug defects of a wide array of complexities, including memory related issues, multi-threading...

Additional Information

Are you ready ?

At Globant we believe that an inclusive culture and a diverse environment makes us stronger. We encourage people to have an inclusive spirit as our global footprint expands. We seek to generate a place of inspiration and growth for everyone. A safe space, based on equity as a value, where everyone's careers can be promoted and developed in the same way. There is no innovation without diversity and there is no improvement without plurality.


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: Directeur Gaming
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