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Novaa, Inc. (logo)
Novaa, Inc.
2093 Philadelphia Pike #7508
Claymont, DE 19703
United States

Date : 21.04.2022
Reference : AFJV-EDEV2052-22711

Novaa, Inc.

Novaa is the mobile app that will reinvent language learning on mobile by bringing together the best of immersive 3D technology, gamification and linguistics.

Duolingo and Babbel were cool...10 years ago. Most people are getting tired of playing with the same old flashcards apps and end up quitting after a few weeks at best. We want to change that and make language learning an exciting and immersive process that will radically break away from existing apps.

We're an early stage startup incorporated in the US. We have been iterating for over one year to find the perfect language learning recipe. Our last MVP in Unity has gathered very positive user feedback. Using this feedback we are now ready to build our first commercial version for the US market.

We are a tight-knit team of experts :
- CEO : Polyglot (native French, speaks 4 other languages including Chinese and Japanese) with 6 years of experience in various business development and product roles in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington DC.
- to lead 3D production : an ex Art Director at Ubisoft with over 20 years of experience in video game
- To advise on content creation for Spanish : a Spanish teacher from Harvard University.
- World class seed investors and advisors including one of the very first investors in Alibaba one of the largest companies in the world, the founder of App Annie ($160 million raised), a software architect at Slack in San Francisco and many more.

CTO for Promising Startup (Unity)

Permanent contract Remote (00)

Position Duties

  • This is a job for ambitious people who believe in the vision of our startup and the value that it can generate in the future both for the users and the founders !
  • You will be the main developer and early member of the team. As such you will get your fair share of equity in the company.
  • In the first 6 months to 8 months you will have full freedom to develop most of V1. We will be able to hire another full-time engineer to support you, but you will be the lead.
  • You role will evolve along with NOVAA's growth. When our product is successful we will launch new languages, add new features, and hire more engineers that you will get to supervise. Startups can grow very fast in the language learning space. Mind you, Duolingo is now a 400 employee company worth over 4 billion dollars....

  • Overseeing the architecture of the product, working closely with the Art Director
  • Create the UI in Unity (home-screen, pre-lesson screen)
  • Create the architecture to load the 3D modules
  • Create Quiz logic - Duolingo type of exercises
  • Add audio & Speech to text module
  • Add speech to text functionality
  • Multi-player
  • Machine Learning and/or Backend system knowledge is a plus

Candidate Profile


1. Startup Mindset
You will become a partner in the company and as such you will get solid equity in the business (negotiable). This is a typical startup game, the real value lies in the equity. Once we raise money at the end of the year we will be able to increase significantly our salaries, but most importantly the equity will significantly increase in value.
You understand that in the first 6 months we won't be able to pay ourselves top notch salaries. Of course we are raising money and you will be compensated enough to live a comfortable life before we can raise our seed round around the end of the year.

2. Hardworking :
This is a startup and as early members our role is to take our product to market as fast as possible. Focus and dedication are more valued that the sheer volume of hours that you will spend on the project.

3. Hands-on and self-driven :
You can learn fast and you love solving problems.

4. Ambitious :
This is an ambitious project. We're aiming for the top spot and only want people who are excited by the challenge of building a global company.

  • 1. You have strong experience working on Unity projects and have a deep knowledge of the engine.
  • 2. You have a solid track record and already worked on mobile projects.
  • 3. You can build solid & scalable Unity code and know about mobile projects tech and business constraints
  • 4. You are a team player and you are able to supervise junior engineers.

You are able to communicate fluidly in English (don't worry about the accent). As our team will grow you will get to supervise and cooperate with people from all over the world. Our advisors are based in China, San Francisco, Spain and Japan.

Additional Information

Recruitment Process :
  • Casual conversation with the CEO to discuss the cultural fit
  • Technical interview with one of our technical advisors
  • Third conversation where we will show you a demo of the product

Work-style :
  • We will work mostly remotely but we will get opportunities to work physically together too.
  • No fixed work hours. We trust each other to work with full focus, while taking the time we need to rest and enjoy other things in life.

Legal base
  • The core company is based in the US because it will be our first target market. In terms of contracts we are flexible. Whatever works best for you. We can either create a freelance contract or establish a subsidiary in France and hire you through that legal vehicle.


Attach a Resume, link to any previous work you have done (website, github) and drop us a few lines telling us why you think you could be a great fit for the role !
To: Samuel Marinelli
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