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7000 Mons

Date : 16.12.2019
Reference : AFJV-EDEV610-17132

Fishing Cactus

We are from rainy Belgium, Mons, Wallonia. Belgians may be known for not having a government but we have awesome beers and chocolate. At Fishing Cactus, it also happens that 25 of us craft games with their hearts. Games which are, we hope, more than forgettable escapism, games leaving you with a feeling of change. Games we like to make, games we like to play.

Our current focus is on PC / Console quality titles. We have recently released Epistory : Typing Chronicles (PC), Shift Quantum PC/consoles) and Nanotale : Typing Chronicles (PC)

If you like beer (or not), waffles, are talented, honest and autonomous and you want to pour his/her heart & soul in our next games, apply now !

Senior UE4 Programmer (multiple)

Permanent contract Mons (Belgium)

Position Duties

This posting has expired. It had been posted for the first time 16.12.2019
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