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Lightbulb Crew

75019 Paris

Date : 22.09.2020
Reference : AFJV-EDEV835-18539

Lightbulb Crew

Lightbulb Crew is a video game company with employees in Paris and Stockholm, focused on creating games that make people think. We have delivered games for PS4/X1/PC and Switch. Our latest game Othercide is a unique tactical turn-based game with fantastic visuals and innovative game play. So far our games have been developed using the Unity3D engine.

Lightbulb Crew aims to make the world a better place through the shining eyes of our players. We work closely with all our stake-holders including fans to create stand-out games.

Lead Programmer Unreal Engine

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

We are looking for a Lead Programmer, who can work together with our talented group of developers, game designers and artists to bring unique games to market. At Lightbulb Crew you will get the chance to work on a breadth of challenges as our games include both single player and multiplayer games.

You will be working together with our senior team of artists and game designers as well as our CTO to work on all technical aspects to bring unique gaming experiences to PC and consoles. As a Lead Programmer you will be working with others to define all technical aspects of the game, and serve as interface between programmers and others, and also work to develop the skills of your colleagues.

Lightbulb Crew is a company with a strong collegial spirit, where everyone's opinion is listened to. We are also very ambitious in terms of level graphics and game play, and seek others that can match our passion. We appreciate people with a breadth of experience and interests.

Candidate Profile

Required competences
  • Master or similar in engineering
  • At least 4 years of video game development experience
  • At least one shipped game, ideally on multiple platforms
  • Strong C++ experience in games and/or systems programming
  • Deep knowledge of Unreal engine
    • Engine
    • Blueprints
    • Profiling
    • Production pipeline (asset integration)
    • Tools development/UI
  • Understanding of Scrum or similar project management approaches

Personal qualities :
  • Understanding of games and game design
  • Self-starter, ambitious and methodical
  • Good at working with others and coming to decisions
  • Creative and a source of inspiration for solutions

Additional Information

Location : Paris or Flexible
Most of the employees in the studio are located in the Paris region, but we offer the opportunity to work anywhere in Europe for the right profile. Some meetings will be physical on location in Paris.


CV, references
To: Anders Larsson