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Date : 23.08.2022
Reference : AFJV-EINF108-23674

Virtuos France

To be a part of Virtuos means to be a creator and aim at excellence.

At Virtuos, we harness the latest technologies to make video games better and more immersive than ever before. That is why we pride ourselves in constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility since our founding in 2004.

With over 3,000 staff in 16 studios around the world, Virtuos is one of the largest and most recognized game developers. Since 2004, Virtuos has contributed to hundreds of games on all major platforms. Our track record is full of achievements. Virtuos has worked with 18 of the top 20 game companies worldwide (Square Enix, Warner Bros., 2K, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Sony, Microsoft...) by contributing to many of their largest AAA, New-Gen titles as well as shipping over 10 co developed titles each year in recent years. Virtuos aims at being the Number One game development partner by providing the best games and art to developers and publishers worldwide.

For our studio located in Montpellier, working on high expertise level projects (engineering, rendering), we are looking for passionate junior engine / rendering / tool programmers. If you are eager to address technical challenges and participate to the development of a small local team whilst getting the opportunity to cooperate with other international studios, it's time to start a career at Virtuos !


Avec plus de 3000 employés et 16 studios dans le monde entier, Virtuos est l'une des plus reconnues et des plus grandes compagnies développant des jeux vidéo pour les 18 éditeurs parmi les 20 plus renommés (Square Enix, Warner Bros., 2K, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Sony, Microsoft...).

Pour notre studio basé à Montpellier, spécialisé sur des projets à forte valeur ajoutée technique, nous recherchons un.e Lead jeux vidéo (engine, rendu, outils) passionné.e de programmation et motivé.e par le challende de contribuer à la formation d'une équipe, la diriger sous la surpervision et avec l'aide du directeur technique du studio. Vous aurez l'occasion de coopérer avec des équipes des autres studios de Virtuos (Lyon, Paris, Dublin, Shanghai, Chengdu, Singapour...). Parmi les jeux récents auxquels nous avons collaboré figurent : The Outer World, Medal of Honor Above and Beyond, Dark Souls Remastered, Destroy all Humans ! , Marvel's Avengers ou encore Bioshock : The Collection.
Virtuos recrutement

3D Character Artist

Fixed term contract Cergy (95)

Position Duties

Virtuos Games is seeking for a talented 3D Character Artist to join our team who will work with wide variety of video games ranging from indie to AAA, creating realistic character assets including humanoids, creatures and equipment as well as managing and maintaining our character art outsource efforts as needed.

Responsibilities :
  • Work closely with Art Director and Concept Artists to produce high quality AAA level characters and/or creatures and props for them.
  • Create clean game topology, UVs, bakes and textures.
  • Create hair, fur related additions.
  • Skinning and implementing game assets, including unique engine-material setup.
  • Collaborate with other Artists to find the best solutions to all major technical and/or creative challenges facing the art team.
  • Help contribute directly to conceptual ideas behind high-quality character creature art.
  • Adapt to different type of projects in terms of their technical needs as well as artistic styles.

Candidate Profile

Summary of requirements :
  • At least 2+ years of experience working in the video game and/or film commercial industries.
  • Strong knowledge of human anatomy, proportion, silhouette, clothing and its wrinkle behavior, topology and how it relates to rendering and deformation.
  • Strong knowledge of 3D software like 3DS Max or Maya, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer etc.
  • Understanding of a broad mix of character-related disciplines such as modeling, texturing, shading, rigging, skinning, animation, facial animation, and blend shapes.
  • Have good communication, coordination, and expression skills, and have the awareness and ability to facilitate and solve problems.
  • Ability to create hair using classic planes + alpha or other methods.
  • Ability to prepare assets for physical simulations such as cloth, hair.
  • Ability to interpret 2D reference material and scan data into 3D textured and surfaced models.
  • Work effectively with every department of the development process : designers, programmers, tech art, animation, etc.
  • Knowledge of rendering budgets and other technical issues related to performance in real-time engines.
  • Experience with PBR workflows using texturing software such as Substance Designer / Painter.

Bonus :
  • Traditional art skills like drawing, painting or sculpting.
  • Experience using more advanced in-game techniques for hair and fur creation (Nvidia Hairworks, UE groom editor, etc).
  • Rigging skills.
  • Basic knowledge of character animation.
  • Mockup animation cleanup, preparation and integration.


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: Talent Acquisition Specialist
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