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Black Forest Games GmbH (logo)
Black Forest Games Gmbh
Maria und Georg Dietrich Str.2
77652 Offenburg

Date : 16.08.2016
Reference : AFJV-EINF1174-10409

Black Forest Games GmbH

Black Forest Games is one of Germany s highest acclaimed PC and console gamedevelopers. We are part of THQ Nordic, the fastest growing European publisher, and the biggest internal studio of THQ Nordic Vienna.

Here you will get to work on projects with new and also big longtime established IPs like Destroy All Humans, our newest title.

We are a multi-national team with a long history of looking for long-term companions - we are hiring for the studio, not for the project. This is an important part of our company philosophy.

Talent is always welcome, no matter where you are from. We offer a family-friendly work-life-balance and a lot of flexibility, all of this in a region where kids still play in the nature and drive to school by bike.

As a bonus, Black Forest Games is located in one of the warmest, most beautiful and wealthiest areas in the South of Germany at the French border. We are located closely to Strasbourg, where many our our French developers live.

VFX artist

Permanent contract Strasbourg (67)

Position Duties

This posting has expired. It had been posted for the first time 16.08.2016
All ads displayed on the job portal of AFJV are less than three months.
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