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26 rue des Maraîchers
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Date : 10.01.2023
Reference : AFJV-EINF1567-24693

Playwing Ltd

Playwing is an independent Game Developer and Publisher founded in 2017.
Our teams, led by experienced game-making professionals, are dedicated to develop passionately innovative and engaging experiences for all platforms.

Environment Artist H/F

Permanent contract Bordeaux (33)

Position Duties

Overview :
  • Work together with other members of the team to establish the scope of the environment art requirements for team assigned game content,
  • To build environments according to designer requirements and blockouts, bearing gameplay constraints such as traversal and measurements in mind,
  • Create game environment assets : Build, model and texture environment art, detailed props and objects according to concepts, references and/or art direction,
  • Create textures and PBR materials for models and world space according to concepts, references and/or art direction,
  • Use existing Assets and content to populate the game world in a believable and visually appealing way,
  • Collaborate with other team members on enhancing the visual fidelity of the game world to the absolute limits of the game engine, within the relevant memory and performance restrictions,
  • You operate within given constraints,
  • You are autonomous and can take responsibility for your own actions and decisions.

Candidate Profile

Skills :
  • Experience with creating game ready assets, taking them through the modeling, baking and texturing pipeline, ready to be rendered in engine,
  • Expert knowledge of at least one major modeling package (MAX or equivalent), along with industry standard tools such as Photoshop, Substance Painter / Designer and Zbrush,
  • Expert knowledge of PBR systems with the ability to texture using both procedural and hand painted approaches,
  • Outstanding 3d modeling and texturing skills,
  • A keen eye for dramatic environments and lighting design,
  • Deep knowledge and experience with creating and maintaining game levels,
  • Level design experience considered a plus,
  • Be familiar with fantasy / dark fantasy universe,
  • Good organization and time management skills,
  • A proactive approach to problem solving,
  • An understanding of and appreciation for milestones, schedules, deadlines, and efficient game development processes

Additional Information

Benefits :
  • Meal card of 10 euros / day,
  • Public transport costs are covered at 50%,
  • Friendly environment (Team Building) and challenging,
  • Other advantages : Company mutual insurance / healthcare taken in charge at 50%, RTT, NDF...

City : Bordeaux (France)
Availability : ASAP


Resume, web site (if relevant)

To: Recruitment manager
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