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Virtual Beings
1 rue de Saintes
Atelier Magelis
16000 Angoulême

Date : 07.04.2021
Reference : AFJV-EINF1846-19798

Virtual Beings

Bonjour !
Virtual Beings is a startup based in Southern France. We're developping the **RASCAL ! ** **AI-engine**, which brings next-gen game AI to mobile platforms.

We're also working on our first mobile game, featuring believable pets with whom our players can create real relationships.
Virtual Beings recrutement

3D gameplay animator

Permanent contract Angoulême (16)

Position Duties

To complement our small, currently remote team, we're looking for a gameplay animator who loves real animals and knows how to make virtual ones come to life. This is a permanent position.

(This will evolve with/after the pandemic.)

What you will work on
  • Go through extensive reference footage (on YouTube etc), analyze motions in rigorous detail and help us select and define new interactive behaviors for our games.
  • Craft animations that feel authentic and that range from cute and playful to shy, naughty, bored and excited, plus many other emotions !
  • Ensure that animations are compatible with the complex constraints of our real-time animation engine.

Candidate Profile

What we expect from you
  • You know at least one standard animation program (Maya, Blender, ...) like the inside of your coat.
  • You don't have to be a Blender guru yet, but in that case we expect you to be a fast learner, as all your animation work will take place in Blender 2.9+.
  • You have an eye for animal motion and like to analyze it, understand its mechanics as well as its beauty and discuss it endlessly with your colleagues.
  • You fit well into a tightly knit remote-first team. You are self-driven and take initiative. You enjoy collaborating and communicating remotely and you're prepared to be fully available on Discord etc during work hours.
  • You have an interest in the broader aspects of game development, especially game design.
  • You're fluent in English (both spoken and written).

Additional Information

What you can expect from us

We see ourselves as curious and open-minded, as people who love learning and growing. At the same time, we apply strict quality standards, solve problems collaboratively, review each other's work on a daily basis, and keep up with the latest tools and ideas.

We have an anti-crunch policy and we keep an inclusive work environment (and mean it).

Your compensation will be based on experience.


- CV
- Demo-reel, home-page or any other showcase of your work
- References
- Links to any relevant accomplishments (shipped game with clear indication of your contributions, ...)
To: Responsable du recrutement
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