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Date : 09.08.2022
Ad posted a first time on 08.07.2022
Reference : AFJV-EINF2082-23396

WhatTheProd / Red Door Digital

Created by veterans of the gaming and tech industry from UBISOFT, TENCENT, ELECTRONIC ARTS, BIGPOINT, and RAZER.
RED DOOR DIGITAL focuses on:
- Developing great games through blockchain technology to further enhance the entertainment experience while delivering additional value through play.
- Reducing user friction to the adoption of Web3 by creating intuitive, accessible experiences.
- Increasing participation in P2E, NFT, and DeFi metaverse economies by providing access to underrepresented
communities around the world.

Through this, we want to help gamers from around the world earn a living through P2E and bring about deeply engaged metaverse communities who play for fun and have shared social and financial incentives.

RED DOOR DIGITAL is currently producing 6 Play2Earn/ Metaverse oriented games. We are about to establish a physical studio here in EUROPE, and already have staff located in Singapore, America, Europe, Korea, and Taiwan. We are looking for talented people to help increase traction in metaverse/ NFT gaming markets.

We believe that there's a method to game development that includes more than just graphics and narratives. It's also the mechanics and game theory that come together to ensure the longevity and success of a project. Fortunately, we've seen and done it firsthand for some of the world's biggest game studios and most successful game titles. Through our many years of experience, we've come up with a formula for utilizing the lessons and techniques we've learned in the games we develop for Web 3.0.

2D Concept Artist

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

As 2D CONCEPT ARTIST, you will be responsible for bringing worlds from the minds of writers, producers, and directors to life. Your job will not only be to interpret design briefs but also to put your own spin on them to ultimately make them better. A key component of your job will be to create concepts that not only make sense for the worlds we're building but also clearly detail what visual assets game designers need to create for those worlds.

Responsabilities :
  • Create presentation quality concept art for visual development, ideation, and layout / design conceptualization. This may include (but is not limited to) environments, backgrounds, characters, props, and vehicles to various levels of detail and within varying time constraints.
  • Create quick sketches and exploratory concepts to establish mood and style of game settings.
  • Solve problems by proposing creative ideas and solutions visually.
  • Quickly and easily interpret art briefs ; and make meaningful contributions to the creation of key art content through all stages of the production cycle.
  • Be open and receptive to art direction feedback, critique, and coaching.
  • Adapt easily when faced with tight deadlines and quick iteration requests.
  • Be motivated for continued learning in all skills that contribute to your growth as a key member of the team.
  • Communicate efficiently (both verbal and written) and maintain strong collaboration within the team, both in-person and remotely.

Candidate Profile

  • Experience in the mobile gaming industry with a focus on designing worlds, environments, and characters.
  • Experience in concept design for visual entertainment fields such as film, television, and/or ideally gaming.
  • Ability to work on different styles and subjects concurrently such as futuristic, modern, and primitive settings.
  • Ability to tell stories visually through illustration and storyboarding.
  • Ability to deliver impactful key visuals for brand marketing purposes.
  • A good understanding of various stylization methods.
  • Familiar with the graphic design iteration process (brief, sketch, review, refine, iterate, etc.).
  • Proficient in English (written and oral).
  • Passionate about video games.

Additional Information

Salary and Advantages :
  • Contingent on experience.
  • Moving expenses provided by the company.
  • Payment of up to 50% of transportation costs.
  • Meal Stipend : SWILE.


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: Tanguy Loick
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