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Lightbulb Crew
157 boulevard Macdonald
75019 Paris

Date : 16.08.2022
Ad posted a first time on 09.08.2022
Reference : AFJV-EINF835-23591

Lightbulb Crew

Lightbulb Crew is an indie studio located in Paris. Our vision is to spark joy in people playing and making games. ? We have a modern remote policy : the team can freely choose their location. We have an office in Paris 19e, in the Cargo building, where the team can also work. Do you want to be in full-remote, or join team members sometimes at the office ? That's up to you !

We organize a monthly team building day in Paris to bond the team (the company supports the transportation costs). During this day, we do training and workshops around our company values : Honesty, Cooperation, Creativity, and Quality.

We have a diverse and creative team, and we have a good experience in remote working, allowing us to stay proficient with a good life/work balance. Our goal is to be inclusive and to have a safe working environment.

Senior 2D Animator

Fixed term contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

Lightbulb Crew is looking for a senior 2D Animator to join a dynamic and passionate team working on an unannounced project. The game has a unique 2D art style and will be narrative-driven, with clever use of the gameplay mechanics to tell its story.

As an Animator, you will work closely with the Senior animator, the Art Director, and the art team to bring 2D game characters to life. Your task will be to convey emotion through character animation and also powerful and thrilling combat moves. Technically, you will cover the full animation process of your creation : from research of poses, rigging, to animation in Spine and integration into Unity. In addition to great animation skills, you need to understand the pipeline and constraints of game production, to work with the team in cohesion and be a creative force.

Contract : 9 months contract (possibility of evolution), position open to freelance

Location : 157 Boulevard MacDonald, 75019, Paris, hybrid or full remote

Wage : depending on the profile (reimbursement of 50% of transport tickets and access to tickets restaurants at your convenience)

Candidate Profile

The ideal person for the job :
  • masters 2D spine animation
  • has great understanding of human animation body and face
  • can create unique character key poses
  • master of optimisation and tricks to make the most visually alive but efficient animation
  • has already worked on a videogame.

Bonus points for experience with :
  • knowledge in animation other than human being ( background, animal)
  • traditional animation
  • integration with Unity
  • knowledge in VFX
  • knowledge in motion design

Additional Information

Recruitment process :
  • Technical Test
  • Interview with the Hiring Team
  • Culture fit interview with three people from the team
  • Interview with Anders Larsson, the CEO


Apply with your CV, the link to your portfolio and instead of a cover letter, answer these questions :

1 - Have you already worked in a remote position ? What do you think about remote working (do you like it ? do you know what you'll need to be comfortable with that ? Do you have ideas about an excellent remote organization ? )
2 - What is your ideal work environment ? (socially, atmosphere, process, organization,etc.)
3 - Which one is your favorite animation in your porfolio ? Can you explain us why ?
4 - Who has been your biggest professional influence ?
To: Audrey Lefaucheux
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