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Open Mind Innovation

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Postée le : 03.01.2018
Référence : AFJV-EMAN1325-12981

Open Mind Innovation

Nous sommes une startup de neurotechnologie, soutenue par la BPI et la région Normandie. Nos services s'adressent au grand public dans une approche de recherche appliquée et d'innovation technologique. Nous collaborons avec des chercheurs et des laboratoires reconnus.

Nous développons des exercices de neuro training visant à assurer la stabilisation du corps et de l'esprit pour mieux faire face aux stimulations nuisibles (amélioration de la gestion des émotions, de l'attention, et des performances cognitives). Dans cette optique nous collectons des données biométriques multimodales pour mesurer l'efficacité des exercices à l'aide de matériel de mesure scientifique et d'outils d'analyse avancés.


Game Producer / Project Manager / Team leader

CDI Caen (14)

Description du poste

Objectives : Open Mind Innovation searches for a positive and ambitious Game Producer-Project Manager to guide the production of their VR Game which is currently in development.

The game is being designed with pluricultural internal research team (inc. neuroscientists, psychologists, data-scientists) and academics and mixes rich gameplay, graphics and sound in VR with innovate advances in player psychology and biosignal (including BCI) interactions. The player overcomes the game obstacles with gameplay based in psychological training accompanied by a witty and sometimes-helpful AI unit.

Profil du candidat

The candidate has at least 5 years experience in a comparable job in big company, leading a team of 15-25 PAX. He will own the Open Mind product and and steer the R&D and Production teams in the development of a cutting-edge VR game that merges innovative biosignal-based interaction and psychological training. Imagined in a rich and exciting futuristic Sci-Fi scenario, the game seeks to mentor participants in the latest psychological methods in an effort to ultimately and simply cure people of common psychological faults through gamification.

The ideal candidate will work with a fresh, ambitious and diverse team. Including an R&D team to focus on Psychology and Biosignal aspects of the game. And a Production team of designers, developers, artists and sound designers specialising in the development of VR games.

Requirements :
  • Personal leadership
  • Fluent business english (writing / speaking)
  • Scientific rigor
  • Big sense of due dates and deadlines
  • Successful experience as a Producer-Project Manager in video games productions
  • Expert in Agile Methodologies, specialising in Scrum and Kanban to define and deliver iterations on time
  • Expert owning a product to define the vision and product values, and set roadmaps and schedules
  • Successful experience managing video AAA games production, defining sprints, scrum boards, and burndown charts and providing direction to create a one-of-a-kind game experience
  • Experience presenting to the board, business partners or public events
Pluses :
  • Experience on production of Unity-based games
  • Experience on production of VR games
  • Experience on production of Mobile games
  • Experience on R&D projects
  • Experience as an Art Director
  • Experience on Psychological projects
  • Experience with outsourcing and managing remote teams
  • Experience with Google Drive, Trello, Slack and Skype
Background in Neuroscience, Psychology, Biosignal or Medical projects are premiums

Informations supplémentaires

Position will be based in the Open Mind office at Open Mind Innovation's Research Center in Caen, Normandy (France)

A fournir

To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, and if possible examples of previous projects
A l'attention de : Recruitment manager