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Wild Sheep Studio
310 avenue Saint-Maur
34000 Montpellier

Date : 04.04.2019
Reference : AFJV-EPRO1044-15607

Wild Sheep Studio

Wild Sheep Studio est un studio de jeu vidéo basé à Montpellier. Nous développons Wild, un open world action aventure publié par Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Fixed term contract Montpellier (34)

Position Duties

Who you are :
  • You are organized, passionate and communicative, and can speak both French and English on a professional level
  • You have shipped at least one title and have seen the development process from early conception to day-one patch
  • You have experience with outsourcing, marketing, localization and QA.

The missions :
  • You will be part of the production team taking on a variety of tasks to help ship the game
  • You will be responsible for deliverables that demonstrate the development progress
  • You will organize the (sub) team's work, remove roadblocks and evaluate risks, all while making sure the team can do their best work
  • You are ensuring goals are clear, communicated and expectations are managed

Candidate Profile

Requirements :
  • You can listen and be heard, you know what diplomacy means and how to keep a team on track.
  • You are curious and flexible. And able to keep your cool under pressure.
  • You know how to use project management methods and tools.
  • You have experience in QA, sound design, art or code...


Resume, cover letter, website
To: Responsable du recrutement