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Date : 14.11.2019
Reference : AFJV-EPRO964-16953


Les équipes d'Ubisoft sont animées par leur volonté d'enrichir la vie des joueurs avec des expériences de divertissement originales et mémorables. Elles donnent vie à des mondes, de véritables terrains de jeux où l'imagination peut s'exprimer librement, donnant naissance à des moments de surprise, de fun et d'aventure qui permettent aussi au joueur d'apprendre et se découvrir.

Depuis plus de 6 ans Ubisoft, via son entité Ubisoft Mobile, donne également vie à des mondes sur smartphones et tablettes via son portefeuille de jeux mobiles.
Chez Ubisoft Mobile, vous avez l'opportunité de collaborer et d'évoluer avec des équipes passionnées et pionnières dans leur domaine, partout dans le monde.
Vous progresserez dans un environnement bienveillant et inspirant dans lequel vous repousserez les limites de l'imaginaire et de la technologie pour créer les mondes qui passionneront nos joueurs.

Associate Producer - Owlient (Ubisoft)

Permanent contract Montreuil (93)

Position Duties

As an Associate Producer on Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, reporting directly to the Executive Producer of the game, you will oversee a small team of polyvalent and talented Programmers, Artists and Designers working on our new mobile RPG - watch the trailer here ! You will be responsible for efficiently coordinating a development team through the whole project development timeline, milestone per milestone, sprint after sprint and following an Agile methodology. First, you drive the development process and bring the game to the market - then, you operate the game once it is live, adding features and game modes to make it a hit !

Your mission if you choose to accept it :
  • Manage a cross-functional production team in order to deliver incredibly compelling, high-quality mobile games,
  • Plan and oversee the project, following the high-level roadmap set by the Executive Producer and the project Leads,
  • Work with the Executive Producer to deploy and diffuse the vision of the game set with the stakeholders among the development team,
  • Ensure the game vision is respected and achieved through the whole development phase,
  • Deploy, help improve, and advocate all the production processes and pipelines implemented, through direct communication with the team and the Executive Producer,
  • Be an advocate of Agile methodology,
  • Develop high-level schedules, plan resources and assign them properly to ensure milestones quality, timings and goals are respected,
  • Develop and maintain low-level schedules for all the functional areas of development of the project to ensure sprint builds quality, timings and goals are respected,
  • Define, set and track user stories through the different project management tools used, following short term objectives set with the Executive Producer and the project Leads,
  • Drive updates to the game service when the game is Live,
  • Manage relationships with third party studios,
  • Work hand in hand with QA to prioritize game issues in order to deliver a flawless game to the end-user,
  • Coordinate relationship with Head Quarter Production team,
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of our games, the productivity of our teams and the efficiency of our processes,

As the game is evolving fast and will soon be launched, your team will enrich the game once it is live.

Candidate Profile

What you need to perform in the job :
  • 2+ years' experience in a Producing role in the mobile game industry - you must have shipped at least one mobile game,
  • Strong project management skills : fluent with Agile methodology and good knowledge of Jira,
  • Unity knowledge is a plus,
  • Experience managing a cross functional team,
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, an assertive mindset is needed to create the consensus and to make sure bold objectives are achieved,
  • A good video game culture,

Additional Information

During the recruitment process, you will meet the Executive Producer of the game, the HR team, and the Studio Managers.

Owlient - A Ubisoft Studio in Paris

Founded in 2006, Owlient has sharpened its expertise in free-to-play games through Howrse, an equestrian management simulation game, which has been live for over 10 years and still gathers more than half a million monthly players.

Active in 28 countries with 27 studios, Ubisoft has won over gamers worldwide with its high-quality, cutting-edge franchises. Today, Ubisoft boasts one of the richest and most diverse catalogues in the industry with top selling brands.

As an integral part of Ubisoft's mobile division, Owlient is currently focused on developing long-lasting mobile games to bring AAA Ubisoft brands on mobile. We're looking for smart, creative, passionate people to join us as we unlock our next level of success.


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: François GAUTHIER, Talent Acquisition Manager UBISOFT

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