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Wolcen Studio (logo)
Wolcen Studio
26 Avenue Notre Dame
06000 Nice

Date : 29.06.2020
Reference : AFJV-ESUP1304-18083

Wolcen Studio

We are Wolcen Studio, an ambitious and expanding video game company headquartered in Nice, France, with talented employees across two European hubs.

Formed in 2015 following the successful funding campaign of our first title, Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem, the company has subsequently grown from a handful of driven individuals to a full studio. Our flagship title Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem was fully released in February 2020 and the studio in Nice has been supporting the game with content and updates since. A second studio, Wolcen East in Bucharest, Romania, was formed in September 2020 to help deliver our long-term plans for both the game and future projects.

Customer Support (H/F)

61 candidates • Permanent contract Nice (06)

Position Duties

Recruitment for this position is now closed.
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