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Maracas Studio (logo)
Maracas Studio
Quai Paul Verlaine 2 bte 2
6000 Charleroi

Date : 07.06.2022
Reference : AFJV-SCEP2067-23104

Maracas Studio

Founded by two veterans of the Walloon game industry, Maracas Studio is a Belgian, mostly remote studio that develop games that stand out from the crowd.

We aim to create unique and engaging game experiences with care and respect for our players, employees, partners, students...

Our work relationship is based on trust and transparency. We think that both the studio and the employees should benefit from that relation.

We strive to make the best experiences with our resources by focusing on what matters most. We deal with constraints without loosing our vision.
Maracas Studio recrutement

Game designer - prototyping intern

Internship Charleroi (Belgium)

Internship Description

Recruitment for this position is now closed.
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