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Feerik Games
3 Place Paul Bec
34000 Montpellier.

Date : 26.08.2019
Reference : AFJV-SCEP253-16417

Feerik Games

Feerik Games is an independent game developer and publisher on mobile, web and PC.

Stage Designer Eredan Arena

Internship Grabels (34)

Internship Description

Feerik Games is looking for a game designer intern. You will be designing and scripting character cards for our game Eredan Arena, producing basic banner artwork, track the work of artists, follow the community and user feedback and take care of the release schedule. You will write card description is French and English.

Candidate Profile

  • The Eredan Arena designer will play card games, like Magic, Eredan Arena or any similar type of games.
  • You will know basic coding to script the cards and have an understanding of game balancing.
  • You are a fast learner, eager to have a first time experience.

Additional Information

You can relocate to Montpellier immediately.
The internship is for 5 or 6 month and will start before September 15th.


Online only
Resume - motivation letter - web site - references... (if relevant)
To: Recruitment manager
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