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Plug In Digital SAS
1348 avenue Raymond Dugrand

Date : 10.02.2020
Reference : AFJV-SCOM801-17404

Plug In Digital

Plug In Digital is one of the largest independent video game distributors. We help studios and publishers distributing their games worldwide on PC, consoles and mobile.

We are a driving force behind indie successes such as Dead Cells, FURI or Zombie Night Terror and a key partner for high-profile companies such as SNK, Paradox Interactive, Konami, Bigben Interactive, Bandai Namco, CI Games or Curve Digital.

Dear Villagers, our publishing label, is a warm hearted invitation to join us in the little unusual neighborhood we are building within the gaming industry, a place where talented studios can unleash their creativity and where players enjoy distinctive and audacious games on PC and consoles, such as Edge of Eternity, Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, Scourgebringer or Recompile.

Stage Release Manager Mobile

Internship Montpellier (34)

Internship Description

This posting has expired. It had been posted for the first time 10.02.2020
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