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Sandfall Interactive
14 rue Bourrely
34000 Montpellier

Date : 04.10.2021
Ad posted a first time on 16.09.2021
Reference : AFJV-SINF1875-21021

Sandfall Interactive

Sandfall Interactive is a game development studio based in France in the sunny city of Montpellier. We are a fun and ambitious bunch, focusing on premium games for PC and new gen consoles as these are the games we love the most, and we are looking for talented collaborators and passionate gamers to start this journey with us.

The first game we are working on is Project W, an ambitious 3D third-person turn-based JRPG-inspired game with a realistic fantasy art style. The game is planned to release on Unreal Engine 5.
Sandfall Interactive recrutement

3D Character Animator

Internship Montpellier (34)

Internship Description

As an Animator, you will have a lot of autonomy and freedom to establish your vision both artistically and technically. We are looking for someone who is able to create AAA quality animations for humans and creatures.

Tasks :
  • Create AAA quality animations for our characters and creatures. Your creative input is greatly appreciated and you will be encouraged to propose new animations for the various skills in the game.
  • Work with our Technical Artist to set up the best workflow to create animations
  • Organize mocap sessions with the Producer and clean up the mocap data afterwards (we are doing the mocap in-house with Rokoko suits).
  • Ensure the quality of the facial animations recorded through mocap and clean up when necessary

Candidate Profile

Skills Required :
  • You have a deep understanding of human anatomy and have a pronounced artistic vision when it comes to animation.
  • You are fluent in Blender / Maya / 3DS Max and are able to produce your own animation and import them into Unreal Engine 4.
  • You are curious and always look out for new tech to improve the quality and efficiency of your animation workflow.
  • You know how to clean up mocap data for body and face.
  • Experience with the new control rig system of UE4.26 is a plus.
  • You love playing games (if you like games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or Persona it's even better)
  • You are ideally able to relocate to Montpellier, France (note : you need to be fluent in English, speaking French is not required)

Experience :
  • Proven portfolio of animations
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4
  • A previous experience is appreciated but not required. A great portfolio can make up for it.

Additional Information

6 months paid internship beginning November 2021 or January 2021.

You are ideally able to relocate to Montpellier, France (note : you need to be fluent in English, speaking French is not required).
Sandfall offices are just near the city center.

Our offices are in a hub with 5 other companies, all working in entertainment !


Portfolio, resume & some words about you
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