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Postée le : 08.12.2018
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Ikimasho ambitions to serve core VR gamers by bringing PvP arcade designs to VR.

We are in the process of building our core team around our first project. Beyond the project, we want this core team to act as the studio’s backbone as it grows, both in terms of competence and in terms of culture.

Several key positions have been filled and we are looking for people that will fit in and identify with our core principles.
- We are building a team of highly professional people whose only drive is pushing the quality of the final product in the interest of our players.
- Product ownership goes to the team. Management defines and defends the culture.
- We believe that every idea should be challenged and that it can be challenged by anyone on the team.
- We believe talent density is the best way to build long-term value. We will always remain small.

Creative Director

CDI Paris (75)

Description du poste

We have prototyped our first game, and the prototype proves the validity of our vision. We are now looking for someone who can take ownership of that vision, develop it fully from pre-production through to live operations, and execute it.

As Creative Director, your role will be to set the vision, to unleash the team and to harness their individual contributions and ideas into a coherent whole.

As the team will remain small, you will do a significant part of the design work yourself and will articulate the vision and your arguments to all members of the team, directly.

You are expected to provide candid feedback and to receive it equally well.

You will help us recruit the rest of the team and must be keen to work with hungry juniors to make them grow in competence and professionalism.

Profil du candidat

You have
  • experience in driving entire teams creatively
  • designed games that are
    • very gameplay oriented (our games are not narrative)
    • PvP
    • Live operated
  • prototyped on new platforms before the standards were set
  • recruited and trained juniors to a high level of competence
  • an understanding of eSports and what it takes to get there
  • the ability to debate ideas with anyone on the team, to give candid feedback and to receive it
  • great respect for QA

A fournir

Please send the following, in French or in English
- your resume
- your cover letter
- your references
- recommendations you have given
A l'attention de : Yann Suquet