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1-2119 euros
3-5107 euros
6-1095 euros
11-5083 euros
51 or more71 euros
of ads
per ad*
1-260 euros
3-554 euros
6-1048 euros
11-5042 euros
51 or more36 euros
CV database
1 week288 euros
1 month588 euros
1 Year1740 euros


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  1. Enter the number of ads and / or subscription period of the CV database.
  2. Confirm your purchase by clicking on "Buy" (payment by Paypal or Credit cards).
  3. After your payment you will be redirected to the ad entry form.
  4. Your ads will be on-line within 24 hours.
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  • Display time: Ads remain online 3 months.
  • Closing an ad: You can close an ad at any time from your recruiter interface.
  • Your ads will also be sent by email to Job Alert subscribers.
  • Your credits are valid for an unlimited period.

CV database

  • Sharing, resale: The subscription is valid for only one company
    (IP address is recorded at the first connection)
    The subscription can not be shared, transferred or leased.
    In case of non compliance with this rule, the subscription would be terminated without any compensation.
  • Automatic extraction of the data is strictly prohibited.
  • The number of CV is not limited.
  • Questions: If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us:

* Discount

The price per ad is calculated as follows (example for 6 ads):

  • The first two ads cost 99 euros each: 2 x 119 = 238
  • The third, fourth and fifth ads cost 89 euros each: 3 x 107 = 321
  • The sixth ad costs 79 euros: 1 x 95 = 95

The total price of 6 ads is: 238 + 321 + 95 = 654 € HT