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Unannounced Studio (logo)
Unannounced Studio

75013 Paris

Date : 19.09.2022
Reference : AFJV-ECEP2028-23914

Unannounced Studio

We are a soon-to-be-announced international game development studio that recently acquired Series A funding.

Senior Level Designer

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

The Level Designer creates and implements game levels, gameplay bricks and quests in accord with the game and narrative direction.

Under the responsibility of the Lead Game Designer, you will work as part of a team of level designers on the pre-production, production and debug of a AA game. Your objectives will include :
  • Design and implement open-ended maps and quests that feature combat, exploration, and narrative
  • Collaborate with the Lead Game Designer to create levels and level design bricks to support the game direction and production intentions
  • Collaborate with the Technical Director to design, document and prototype toolkits and construction kits for the level design team
  • Collaborate with the Art Team to define a clear, iterative pipeline for the construction of the game environments
  • Collaborate with the Narrative team to design environments that fit the narrative and the flow of the game's campaign
  • Design, script and iterate on open-ended Quests in collaboration with the Narrative team
  • Rationalize the content, variety, and scope of the game from a level-design perspective
  • Share knowledge with junior-level designers
  • Be a champion of polish and quality and set the quality standards for the rest of the level design team

Candidate Profile

  • 3-5 years of experience as a Level Designer
  • One or more shipped 3D title(s) under your belt
  • Experience with Unreal Engine or any other comparable engines
  • Ability and desire to design kits, tools, and gameplay bricks (spawners, interactive objects...) for the level design team to implement
  • Ability and desire to define metrics, guidelines, best practices in collaboration with the art, animation, technical teams
  • Ability and desire to define a working level design pipeline
  • Ability and desire to create open-ended 3D levels in collaboration with Narrative Designers and World Logic Designers
  • Ability to design and script Quests with Blueprint and custom tools
  • Ability and will to collaborate with the technical team to design internal tools
  • Desire to mentor and support junior level designers and trainees
  • Ability to illustrate and document your ideas and designs in English and in a visual way (PowerPoint, SketchUp...)
  • Proficiency and passion for RLD or other rational design methodologies
  • Proficiency with office software such as PowerPoint, Excel...

Additional Information

A plus would be to have :
  • Experience as a Technical Designer
  • Experience with Houdini or other procedural-generation tools
  • Any form of scripting experience
  • Experience and knowledge with narrative-driven games and/or tactical games
  • Affinity with a systemic approach in game design


Resume - cover letter - web site - references... (if relevant)
To: Recruitment manager
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