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Minsar by Opuscope (logo)
Minsar by Opuscope
110 boulevard de Sébastopol
75003 Paris

Date : 04.08.2020
Reference : AFJV-EDEV1593-18290

Minsar by Opuscope

Minsar is a team of creators and engineers specialized in the fields of multimedia, user experience, spatial computing (including AR, VR, and NUIs), mainly based in Paris, France.

Their mission is to accelerate the transition to the spatial computing era by providing Creators and Publishers the best tools they need to build and distribute content for the new AR and VR platforms.

The Minsar team is growing and now is the right time to join their journey and determine the way immersive content will be created and distributed in the next decades.
Minsar recrutement

Software Architect

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

You will maintain, manage and expand the capabilities of the Minsar's platform architecture. In this role, you will be working upon the existing codebase built over the past four years by a dozen software engineers. You will focus on ensuring the architecture enables the engineering team to work on advanced features while keeping an eye on technical debt and incoming pull requests, all while doing your best to help onboard newcomers.

As the new software architect(*) of a modern SaaS built for the spatial computing platforms, you will deal with an impressive amount of different technologies and paradigms :
  • Your focus will be on object-oriented programming in C# ; relational databases ; cloud containers ; and 3D engines such as Unity.
    • From time-to-time, you will also be involved in our work on BabylonJS (another 3D engine) and Typescript ; low-level rendering in C++ and Objective-C ; and our native platform plugins.
  • You will also keep your knowledge base up to date in a fast-moving and competitive technological environment.
  • You will leverage quality processes such as pull requests, unit tests and regularly work with QA roles.
  • You will analyze, write and share technical documentation about your architecture, and invite other engineers to contribute to it.

On a day-to-day basis, you will work with Product Teams and the CTO. You will collaborate with the Design team in order to pro-actively evolve and upgrade the architecture capabilities. You will work with software engineers (spread in multiple squads) as you onboard and mentor them, and provide them the best tools and processes they need to achieve their goals.

(*)The previous software architect was unfortunately unable to pursue their role for personal reasons.

  • Take ownership of and build upon the existing architecture, as well as internal culture and processes, and ship on a regular basis with an iterative mindset
  • Engage with an existing engineering team, and mentor newcomers and junior developers, while embracing the company's values
  • Monitoring of code quality (algorithms and performance, architecture and scalability, sync between repositories, etc) and close watch of the technical debt
  • Constant technological watch to ensure the platform is built on modern yet robust technologies

Candidate Profile

You have a passion for solving complex technical and organizational human problems in a timely fashion ; you like to share your knowledge and experience with your collaborators. You are a low-ego, facts-driven person who strive for the team's success, and take pride in building an architecture that can pass the test of time.

  • 7+ years of experience working with object-oriented programming, real-time software, and cloud-based services (including relational databases and graphs), especially : C#, .NET and .NET Core
  • Some experience with Unity3D, and/or BabylonJS, or at least a real-time 3D engine
  • You're good at maths and comfortable with physics
  • 4+ years of experience as Software Architect : you have already build the architecture and led an engineering team, and shipped real-time applications or video-games working with cloud services. Bonus if you led the project from its earliest phase to the critical scaling phase : )
  • You are a great mentor and are passionate about your work and the team you work with.

  • Advanced experience with Unity3D (5+ years)
  • Experience with Typescript and Microsoft Azure technologies
  • Interest/Experience in spatial computing technologies (AR/VR)
  • Interest/Experience in everything closely related to Computer Vision, ML, DL, NLP, etc.

We're looking for skills and good spirit, nothing else matters, feel free to apply !


Resume and whatever seems useful to you (cover letter, website, etc.).
To: Thomas Nigro