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Limitless Games (logo)
Av Diagonal 579, 7th Floor
08014 Barcelona

Date : 14.10.2020
Reference : AFJV-EDEV1708-18690

Limitless Games

Limitless Games is an AAA video game studio in Barcelona.
The studio is currently in the process of developing a new game. The game is a COOP Action RPG set in a fantasy/sci-fi universe.
Limitless Games recrutement

Lead Programmer

Permanent contract Barcelona (Spain)

Position Duties

  • Analyze and understand the requirements of the game teams, in order to assess their technical feasibility, define and then implement the required features.
  • Work closely with producers to make goals achievement realities.
  • Improving the existing pipeline that matches the project's needs.
  • Analyze code performance and optimize whenever needed.
  • Help to determine CPU and memory budgets.
  • Work on multiple platforms and on low-level topics, such as : memory management, file system, platform-specific features.

Candidate Profile

  • 6+ years of game engine development experience.
  • Unreal Engine experience is mandatory.
  • Minimum of 1 published AAA title.
  • Excellent C++ proficiency.
  • Experience with multi-platform development.
  • Experience with multithreading.
  • Excellent understanding of CPU and GPU bottlenecks.
  • Good experience with optimizations
  • Console development (PS4 and/or XBox1) is a plus.
  • Team leader experience is a plus.

Additional Information

Please note that this job position is only available if you are an EU citizen or have a valid work permit to work in Spain.


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