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Oxalis Games Ltd. (logo)
25 Gilkes Crescent
London SE21 7BP

Date : 14.07.2022
Reference : AFJV-EDEV2045-23421

Oxalis Games Ltd.

Oxalis Games was founded in 2021, it is a fully remote independent game studio focused on building cozy and wholesome pixel art simulation games. We are working on an ambitious social-simulation RPG that could be described as a bigger, better, spiritual successor to Stardew Valley. We have backing from Supercell, Sir Ian Livingstone, Phil Mansell (Jagex CEO) and other investors.

Founded by Ric Moore and Gina Nelson. Ric is a BAFTA winning game developer who has been running games studios for over a decade. He co-founded Bossa Studios and The Secret Police and is perhaps best known for having made the mobile version of Stardew Valley which has been a mega-hit on all platforms.

Find more about the game we are making:

Senior Generalist Game Developer

Permanent contract London (United Kingdom)

Position Duties

This is the game we're making
I'd describe it as a bigger, better, spiritual successor to Stardew Valley made by pro's.
The video on the website is slightly misleading as it's going to be a very fancy isometric 3D game, our Twitter gives a better idea of the direction it's going in :

We have backing from Supercell and some big name VCs :

The team is currently 18 people who previously worked at studios such as : Epic, GameLoft, Ubisoft, Natural Motion and Sumo. We are spread across numerous countries : UK, Spain, France, Vietnam, Ukraine.

We currently have 3 developers and we are looking for experienced generalist developers to join.
In particular we are looking for people willing to tackle server and multiplayer development, as well as Unity. None of the backend is built yet so it'll be an opportunity to build from scratch.

Here's some articles about the game :

We pay well and offer a generous token package to all employees.

Candidate Profile

These are the kind of skill we'd like :
  • Backend development - such as C#, Python, Javascript, Go, Java
  • Experience with server tech such as : AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure
  • Experience with Databases - no-SQL & SQL
  • Unity 3D - C# - 2D, 3D, UI, tools, gameplay
  • Worked on high quality games, preferably with reputable studios
  • Experience making multiplayer games.


To: Recruitment manager
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