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Nintendo European R&D

Paris 75002

Date : 09.01.2024
Reference : AFJV-EDEV352-26642

Nintendo European R&D

Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD) is a French subsidiary of Nintendo. We are a company of around 75 employees who share a passion for creating key software technology and cutting-edge solutions for Nintendo Switch and other Nintendo platforms. In close collaboration with counterparts in Japan and the USA, we contribute in fields such as emulation, signal processing, content generation, computer vision, machine learning, system development, optimization and security to create solutions deployed on over a hundred million homogeneous devices. Come discover an engaging and welcoming work environment in the heart of Paris and join our unique team in its mission to put smiles on people's faces !

Emulation Engineer

24 candidates • Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

NERD is looking for an Emulation Engineer who will contribute to our internal expertise and push the state of the art in the following ways :
  • Developing and maintaining retro hardware emulators
  • Reverse engineering and debugging legacy games, hardware and firmware
  • Game binary patching and improvement
  • Researching productivity techniques and new features in emulation products
  • Implementing a wide spectrum of High Level Emulation (HLE) and Low Level Emulation (LLE) techniques, for CPU, rendering or sound emulation
  • Researching, implementing and optimizing interpretation, dynamic recompilation and static recompilation

Candidate Profile

NERD is an equal-opportunities employer. All characters are welcome, regardless of gender, ethnicity, ableness, or sexual orientation.

We are looking for programmers who :
  • Are passionate about retro gaming and/or legacy hardware
  • Are team players
  • Are eager to learn, improve their skills and share their knowledge
  • Aim for the best but know when to be pragmatic when faced with engineering problems
  • Are willing to understand the constraints and tradeoffs of production environments and deploying software to millions of users, then updating it
  • Don't shy away from writing GUI tools, scripts or unit tests when needed
  • Understand the value of robust software design, debuggability, portability and regression testing
  • Are perseverant and attentive to detail
  • Have a good general computer science culture
  • Can multitask when needed
  • Have a good knowledge of C++ 03
  • Have a good knowledge of debugging techniques

Bonus points if you :
  • Have a good ability to read assembly code, and a basic ability to write some
  • Have a good knowledge of emulation techniques
  • Thrive when faced with a variety of architectures and tasks
  • Know some micro electrical engineering

We expect candidates to be proficient in English, both written and spoken. The majority of employees speak French, but we also welcome non-French speaking candidates to apply. French, English and Japanese lessons are provided in the office for those willing to learn.

Additional Information

This full-time position is located in central Paris, France. Eligibility to work in the EU is required, and candidates are expected to relocate near Paris.


If you believe you are the right person for this position, please send a resume and a cover letter

To: Recruitment manager
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