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Date : 23.09.2020
Ad posted a first time on 08.09.2020
Reference : AFJV-EDEV977-18459


Hello ! We are Novaquark, the developers behind Dual Universe, an ambitious sci-fi MMO that features a continuous, single-shard game world shared by every player at once. What sets our game apart is the level at which players can freely modify that shared world to create structures, spaceships, and even entire cities, giving birth to empires and civilizations. Dual Universe focuses on emergent gameplay, and features player-driven economy, politics, trade, and warfare.

Our dream is to create the first-ever true metaverse, a shared digital world where players can live alternate lives among the stars. We are inspired by books like Ready Player One, and envision a world that sci-fi fans have been dreaming of all their lives.

The company has developed several proprietary technologies for the game, such as its innovative Continuous Single-Shard Cluster (CSSC) server solution, as well as a state of the art voxel engine and procedural generation tools.

Backend Developer

Permanent contract Issy-les-moulineaux (92)

Position Duties

You will be joining the team responsible for the Dual Universe website, visited by thousands of players everyday.

You will participate in developing and improving the features used by our players to manage their customer account. You will be responsible for critical features as the payment system, the game authentication and the customer inventory. You will also work closely with the front-end developers and the devops team.

  • Design and develop micro-services, large scale web services and APIs
  • Produce clean, efficient code based on a straightforward development process aiming at reusable, optimal, maintainable solutions that will enhance the platform's quality
  • Contribute to architecture requirements and design all while creating technical documentation with an emphasis on quality driven deliverables
  • Write unit and integration tests
  • Work closely with teammates in design, code, and test-plan reviews to help build robust software and foster knowledge sharing

Candidate Profile

  • Strong knowledge of C# 8, .NET Core 3.1
  • Experience with data modelling using Entity Framework
  • Experience in Web development (REST, gRPC, etc.)
  • Experience using the Observer Design Pattern
  • Comfortable with code reviews, git protocol and CI
  • Excellent written and spoken English proficiency

  • Knowledge of application profiling, optimisations and debugging
  • Experience creating web apps using API backends

The ideal candidate will have worked on web application backends in C#, using Git and related workflows. They will have designed and implemented APIs and participated in the development of web applications consuming those APIs.


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: Mikhael Butman