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Paris 75003

Date : 15.09.2023
Reference : AFJV-EINF977-26140


Founded in 2014, Novaquark is a video game studio based in Paris and Montreal (since 2019). We are dedicated to bringing together people from all over the world to bring worlds they have created themselves to life.

Our proprietary voxel technology is at the heart of this vision. Our first game, Dual Universe, is a stunning showcase of what our new generation of voxels can achieve. It allows players to unleash their imaginations and create incredible functional buildings, machines and vehicles of all shapes and sizes, as well as breathtaking virtual works of art, without needing to be a professional designer.

Dual Universe has even been nominated for a Pegasus award (the equivalent of the Césars for video games in France) in the 'Best technological innovation' category in 2023.

And we're just getting started ! We're now working on several games in different genres that use the power of our voxel technology, tried-and-tested engines like Unreal 5, and industry-standard working methods.

For more information on Novaquark and Dual Universe

The NQ Way :
- We prioritize results rather than seniority.
- We work from anywhere.
- We come as we are.
- We go where no other game has gone : we started with Dual Universe, and we are all game creators, pushing innovation and creativity.
- We leverage all technologies (Unreal engine, procedural, AI, UGC, data, server, voxel...) because we love, as a team, to do more with the power available at our fingertips.
- And we believe it is a transmission of the future. Inclusion, innovation, progression. The future will tell us if we are right.

Regarding our rituals, we have a %u201CWeekly Team Games%u201D (optional) every Monday allowing you to play online with other Novaquarkians if you wish, a meeting every 3 weeks (mandatory) on Monday to communicate on the progress of our internal projects.

Newsletters are regularly sent internally to inform about the progress of our 3 games !

In Paris, our premises are located in the 3rd arrondissement near the Arts et Métiers metro station on Beaubourg street. When you come on-site, you can enjoy a multitude of various and varied restaurants, there is something for everyone !

In Montreal, we work in a coworking space, and the studio is set to grow !

Novaquark is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination. The position is open to all profiles.

Senior Concept Artist - F/H/NB

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

  • Are you eager to shape the future of gaming by bringing innovative and immersive worlds to life at Novaquark ?
  • Do you have the artistic flair and technical skills to contribute to Novaquark's groundbreaking projects, crafting visuals that captivate and inspire players ?
  • Are you ready to collaborate with a dynamic team at Novaquark, where your innovative ideas and artistic expertise will be at the forefront of groundbreaking gaming experiences ?

Why do we need a Senior Concept Artist ?
Today we are working on the development of three games (one A (you'll be working on this one), one AA , and one AAA) and that's why we need you to infuse our games with innovative, visually captivating designs, enhancing player immersion and setting new industry standards in artistry and creativity. Your role will be crucial at this juncture to craft the initial visual blueprints, seamlessly integrating the textures and materials into captivating and cohesive game worlds. Your expertise aids in transforming abstract ideas into tangible, immersive experiences, fostering a unified artistic vision that resonates with our audience and enhances gameplay.

Your future team

The team (10 to 15 people in total) is composed of graphic designers, tech artists, animators, programmers as well as people more specialized in Level Design and Game Design. You will work in correlation with all these people.

All supervised by Jérémie (Artistic Director).

Jérémie, Artistic Director (your future manager), has over 15 years of experience in video games in Montreal, having been Associate Artistic Director and Senior Concept Artist on franchises like Dead by Daylight and Star Citizen. He specializes in defining a clear and effective artistic vision through artistic direction documents and is attentive to details to provide you with all the tools and resources necessary to achieve the production teams' objectives.

Key information

Permanent contract
Availability : ASAP
Location : Paris or Montreal

Compensation and Benefits (France) :
  • 36k euros to 50k euros (+ depending on profile)
  • Full remote possible
  • 25 paid holidays + 12 RTT
  • Lunch vouchers via Swile
  • Health insurance via Alan, 100% covered

Compensation and Benefits (Canada) :
  • 80k$ to 110k$ (+ depending on profile)
  • Full remote possible
  • 20 paid holidays
  • Premium health insurance
  • Opening of a retirement savings account after the probationary period

Candidate Profile

Your future impact
  • Dynamic Conceptual Visionary : You will have a knack for crafting diverse and unique designs across varied art styles, specialized in environments, characters, or props. Must possess a deep understanding of human anatomy and the ability to swiftly create concept sketches and thumbnails.
  • Technological Maestro with an Artistic Backbone : You will be a technically adept artist with proficiency in digital painting and 3D software like Blender and Unreal. A strong foundation in traditional art skills coupled with expertise in Adobe Photoshop is essential for creating visually captivating assets.
  • Proactive Leader with a Mentor's Spirit : You will be a seasoned professional capable of mentoring junior concept artists, with excellent priority management skills. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, possesses a high-quality portfolio showcasing over 5 years of experience, and is eager to foster innovation in our team.

For players, your impact will be provide them a wide diversity of visual styles and environments, and ensures that each image or visual element in the game tells a story, thereby capturing the players' imagination and encouraging them to explore further.

For the game, your impact will be visual cohesiveness that helps create a believable and immersive world and a continuous injection of innovations, whether in character design, environments, or industrial design mechanisms, thereby keeping the content fresh and exciting.

For internal teams, your impact will be a continuous influx of innovative ideas and artistic perspectives, fostering a culture of collaboration and cross-functional synergy.

Additional Information

Processus de recrutement
1. First exchange (30 min) by phone with Arthur (Recruiter) : To learn more about your experience, your interests, and to talk about the position and Novaquark.
2. Technical / Manager interview (1 h) by video with Jérémie (Artistic Director) : To assess your technical skills and meet your future Manager who will present the position in more detail.
3. Job offer (10 min) by phone with Arthur : If everything is positive on your side and ours, it will be the natural evolution of our recruitment process.

Throughout the recruitment process, Arthur will ensure follow-up and coordination. Do not hesitate to send your portfolio in addition to your CV to see your creations !


CV, portfolio, références, site Web (si applicable)

To: Arthur ROFFIN
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