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Paris 75003

Date : 20.03.2024
Reference : AFJV-EINF977-26977


Novaquark is dedicated to bringing people from across the globe together to breathe life into worlds of their own making. Our first game, Dual Universe, grandly showcases the power of next-generation voxels. Players and game makers alike are empowered to let their wildest imaginings soar to create stunning buildings and contraptions, fully-functioning vehicles of every shape and size, and awe-inspiring pieces of art.

We're just getting started ! We are working on several ambitious games that span across multiple genres, that leverage our technology driven mindset. proven engines such as Unreal 5, and industry-standard workflows. With the NQ way we mean that as game makers our collective potential can be brought to new heights leveraging technology. We are looking for talented and passionate people to join our growing team and help us make these forward-thinking games a reality.

With a mix of industry veterans and promising young talents, Novaquark is a place where individual contributions matter above else in an inclusive workplace. We have offices in Paris and Montreal, both in central and easily accessible locations, and the coffee pot is always on. Want to work from home in your favorite fuzzy slippers ? No problem : we have a fully flexible work policy. Oh, and did we mention that we like to have fun while we're at it ? We're making games, after all ! Novaquarkians often meet up, in-person and online, to share food, games, and good times. Come as you are ! Visit the Novaquark website to learn more. If you like what you see and want to be a part of it, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

The NQ Way :
- We prioritize results rather than seniority.
- We work from anywhere.
- We come as we are.
- We go where no other game has gone : we started with Dual Universe, and we are all game creators, pushing innovation and creativity.
- We leverage all technologies (Unreal engine, procedural, AI, UGC, data, server, voxel...) because we love, as a team, to do more with the power available at our fingertips.
- And we believe it is a transmission of the future. Inclusion, innovation, progression. The future will tell us if we are right.

Regarding our rituals, we have a %u201CWeekly Team Games%u201D (optional) every Monday allowing you to play online with other Novaquarkians if you wish, a meeting every 3 weeks (mandatory) on Monday to communicate on the progress of our internal projects.

Newsletters are regularly sent internally to inform about the progress of our 3 games !

In Paris, our premises are located in the 3rd arrondissement near the Arts et Métiers metro station on Beaubourg street. When you come on-site, you can enjoy a multitude of various and varied restaurants, there is something for everyone !

In Montreal, we work in a coworking space, and the studio is set to grow !

Novaquark is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination. The position is open to all profiles.

Senior Concept Artist - F/H/NB

55 candidates • Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

  • Are you passionate about bringing new characters and monsters to life, and shaping the future of gaming at Novaquark ?
  • Do you excel in creating innovative designs that captivate gamers, using your skills to push the boundaries of character and monster art ?
  • Ready to join a creative team at Novaquark, focusing your artistry on characters and monsters to craft groundbreaking gaming experiences ?

Why do we need a Senior Concept Artist ?
We're working on the development of three games (A to AAA) across multiple genres, ranging from racing to action / adventure. You'll be focusing on our AAA action / adventure project. We are seeking a Senior Concept Artist to drive our character and monster designs. Your artistic vision will elevate our games, making characters and creatures that immerse players in our worlds. Your designs will be foundational, combining artistry and technology to bring our ideas to life.

Your future team
You will join a project with 40 people (Gameplay Programmers, Designers, Artists, etc.) and you will work with another Senior Concept Artist (Who works more on the game environment and props).

Our artists are supervised by Jérémie (Art Director).
Jérémie, Art Director (your future manager), has over 15 years of experience in video games in Montreal, having been Associate Artistic Director and Senior Concept Artist on franchises like Dead by Daylight and Star Citizen. He specializes in defining a clear and effective artistic vision through artistic direction documents and is attentive to details to provide you with all the tools and resources necessary to achieve the production teams' objectives.

Key information
  • Permanent or Freelance
  • Availability : ASAP (if available 2 months later, do not hesitate to apply ! )
  • Location : Paris or Montreal

Compensation and Benefits (France) :
  • 40k euros to 50k euros (+ depending on profile)
  • Full remote possible
  • 25 paid holidays + 11 RTT
  • Lunch vouchers via [Swile]
  • Health insurance via [Alan] , 100% covered
  • Referral bonus of euros600

Compensation and Benefits (Canada) :
  • 85k$ to 115k$ (+ depending on profile)
  • Full remote possible
  • 20 paid holidays
  • Premium health insurance
  • Opening of a retirement savings account after the probationary period
  • Referral bonus of 900$CA

Candidate Profile

Your future impact
  • Dynamic Creator : Focused on character and monster art, you'll bring diversity and uniqueness to our games. Expertise in anatomy and rapid sketching is key, with an understanding of environmental art.
  • Digital Artisan : Skilled in digital painting, 3D software (nice to have skills with Zbrush, Blender, Unreal but not mandatory), and Adobe Photoshop, you'll craft compelling characters and monsters.
  • Artistic Contributor : Your work will enrich our team's creativity, focusing purely on bringing artistic innovations to life.

For Players, your designs will introduce a realm of imaginative characters and monsters, enhancing the narrative and exploration allure of our games.

For the Game, your artistic contributions will ensure visual consistency and introduce fresh, innovative designs that keep our worlds engaging.

For Internal Teams, your impact will be a continuous influx of innovative ideas and artistic perspectives in character and monster design, fostering a culture of collaboration and cross-functional synergy.

Additional Information

Recruitment process
1. First exchange (20 min) by phone / video call with Arthur (Recruiter) : To learn more about your experience, your interests, and to discuss the job and Novaquark
2. Technical / Manager interview (1 h) via video call with Jérémie (Art Director) : To assess your technical skills and meet your future manager who will present the job in more detail.
3. (Optional) C-Level interview (45 min) via video call with Nouredine (CEO) : To share the vision of Novaquark and its projects

Throughout the entire recruitment process, Arthur will ensure follow-up and coordination. Do not hesitate to send your portfolio in addition to your CV to showcase your creations !


CV, portfolio

To: Arthur ROFFIN
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