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Ocellus Studio
15 quai Pierre Scize
69009 Lyon

Date : 20.10.2021
Reference : AFJV-EPRO1734-21297

Ocellus Studio

Ocellus Services is a proud provider of Art and Video Game development services based in Lyon, France. Our studio has been internationally growing for more than 5 years with many prestigious clients and partners.

Ocellus Services represents a high quality service for its worldwide partners, standing at the forefront of a global stage.
Such a feat is accomplished not only by providing optimal production for our clients but also by considering the hearts and well-being of our highly talented teams, coming from territories such as the USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Italy and of course from France.
Ocellus Studio


Permanent contract Lyon (69)

Position Duties

We are looking for a great Producer to join us, who will be able to manage part of our increasing partners and projects. Come and strengthen the close-knit team of our three producers and provide your added-value !

Mission description :
Your main mission will be to help our art teams and manage part of our clients/projects portfolios :
  • Participate in improving the working comfort of our teams by ensuring the quality of our working environment
  • Communicate closely with our Leads and Art Directors, to check needs and organization in their departments and on projects (time, human resources, priorities, ...)
  • Ensure that deadlines are achievable and respected, without putting pressure on the team
  • Follow the evolution of the production of current projects by analysing regularly the production and working with teams to always have the fluidest pipelines and communication flows
  • Communicate regularly with the clients on current projects progress
  • Estimate with the team new scope of work for existing clients or potential new ones

Candidate Profile

You are showing :
  • Initiative & autonomy
  • Meticulousness & professionalism
  • Adaptability & capacity to solve problem
  • Tact & patience
  • Excellent communication skills & corporate spirit
  • Kindness & empathy

Skills and Experiences required
  • You are fluent in English and French (reading, writing and speaking) for internal communication as well as with our partners
  • You are always looking for the creation of a better work environment for the teams so that they don't have to think about it anymore
  • You have been part of the production of several successfully released mobile games and/or console video games
  • You know how to setup a video game production and how to follow its progress during all its life cycle
  • You master the basics of project management and you know how to use agile management and tools
  • You master the use of production tools like MS Excel or Project (or similar) and are able to criticize their strengths and weaknesses
  • You know how to ensure clear and regular reporting and communication with all your partners (internal and clients)
  • You also have your own skills and experiences to share with us to improve our team skills ! We are eager to discover them.


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: Responsable du recrutement
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