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43 rue Camille Desmoulins
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

Date : 09.11.2021
Reference : AFJV-EPRO977-21461


Novaquark currently develops Dual Universe, an ambitious continuous single-shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast Sci-Fi universe, focusing on emergent gameplay with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare. Players can freely modify the voxel-based universe by creating structures, spaceships or giant orbital stations, giving birth to empires and civilizations.

The company developed several proprietary technologies like its innovative Continuous Single-Shard Cluster (CSSC) server solution, as well as a state of the art voxel engine and procedural generation tools.

Dual Universe successfully ran the 3rd biggest worldwide Kickstarter campaign for a video game in 2016.

Formed by veterans from Sony, Apple, Aldebaran Robotics and more, Novaquark is recruiting the best talents to help making Dual Universe a reality. Check our website out and don't hesitate to contact us to apply !

Project manager

Permanent contract Issy-les-Moulineaux (92)

Position Duties

We are looking for a talented Project manager who is ready for the challenge of producing Dual Universe. They will oversee the scheduling and development of Dual Universe updates and will need to excel in managing both the high level tasks to the daily low level tasks.

Responsibilities :
  • Point-person for production queries.
  • Milestone and sprint planning : drive both the milestone definition and day to day planning effort with the leads.
  • Completing Milestones Targets : Work closely with Leads to ensure milestone work is completed on time and to the required quality.
  • Dependencies : Clearly identify any cross-team dependencies if any are likely to cause issues.
  • Processes : Implement and update development and communication processes to improve productivity and visibility.
  • Flexibility : Liaise with other disciplines to ensure feature change requests are achievable and communicated to those impacted, including people in other teams.
  • Outsource : Manage outsource work in conjunction with the leads.
  • Meetings and Communication : Make sure required meetings happen and the correct people are involved. Meeting decisions and tasks are then documented and distributed
  • Risk Management : Identifying areas of risk as early as possible and creating solutions to manage these before they impact the project.
  • Management : Motivate your team daily to ensure they produce the best work possible within time constraints set and provide them general support including :
  • Checking they have the required hardware, software, tools
  • Mentor new staff
  • Find good training that allows them to continually develop in their craft

Candidate Profile

Technical Requirements :
  • Experience of project tracking systems such as Jira
  • An awareness of the game technologies and techniques

Skills Required :
  • Demonstrable experience including examples where you have :
  • Been responsible for a group of developers and taken a project from concept to shipment
  • Dealt with an area of a project that wasn't working and explain how you turned it around
  • Creating a culture of excellence within your teams with a higher quality bar than existed before you were in-charge
  • Been part of the long term planning such that you avoided issues from happening but also show that you can deal with a situation when things go wrong
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple requests from different people while working towards a deadline
  • Passion for gaming


Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)
To: Recruitment manager
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