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Equinox (logo)
336 Rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris

Date : 15.02.2023
Reference : AFJV-ESUP1891-24920


The project
Equinox is a Paris based games studio that is developing an ambitious and cutting-edge Tabletop trading card game (same genre as Magic : The Gathering or Flesh & Blood). The driving force behind this project is Régis Bonnessée, former founder and CEO of Libellud, the publishing studio that produced Dixit, Mysterium, Seasons and many others.

Equinox's mindset
At Equinox, we base our work and our organization on strong humanistic values which we strive to apply on a daily basis. People are at the heart of our project, and we give everyone the means to work autonomously. Our vision of the world is optimistic and we aim to surpass ourselves every day in order to reach a common goal, while looking out for each other.
Equinox recrutement

Community Manager Trading Card Games (EN/FR)

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

Disclaimer : the game we are developing is not a video game, it's played over a table, but we believe the target audience is very close to the video game audience with many overlaps. It will both speak to Magic the gathering / Pokemon / Yu-Gi-Ho fans as well as Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra or Magic Arena gamers.

As Community Manager at Equinox, you will work closely with our Chief Marketing Officer.

Your main missions will be on the following topics :
  • Build up and engage a community around our upcoming license.
  • Integrate communities related to our game audience such as BoardGameGeek, Reddit, Discord, TikTok etc., to promote and raise our band and game awareness.
  • Help build up hype in preparation for the launch of our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.
  • Cover behind the scenes insights into the development cycle and event attendance, on our social media platforms.

ABOVE ALL ELSE - you need to build a close relationship with potential players, understand the expectations of these communities, and have a genuine desire to be immersed and interact with our future player base. A strategic audience oversight and true 360° perspective of the project is required.

Growth opportunities - Once the game is launched and growing, this position may evolve swiftly into a more strategic role, requiring the planning, hiring, training and management of a team responsible for specific global territories.

Candidate Profile

1. Experience
At least 3 years of experience as a Community Manager and/or Social Media Manager in a field close to ours (TCGs, board games, video games, geek environment, etc.)

  • On the ground event coverage experience.
  • Proficient in Video editing, sound recording, lighting, photography, writing, graphic design or any other relevant artistic skill set.
  • Awareness of our target community's perspective towards diversity, equality and inclusivity, in addition to the ability to ensure that our communications are aligned with those perspectives.

2. Skills
  • Strong comprehension of the social codes for the following platforms : Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, YouTube, TikTok, Boardgamegeek etc.
  • You will be able to configure, activate and maintain our Discord server according to the community's expectations (bots, ticketing service etc.)
  • Photoshop or any other software that allows you to autonomously create simple visual content.

3. You are
  • Creative, versatile, optimistic and communicative.
  • Forward-looking and interested in others' opinions.
  • At ease with issues of inclusivity and diversity, you will be able to meet the expectations of a diverse community that is sensitive to these issues, and represent those expectations internally as well as externally.
  • Curious and always on the lookout for the latest social trends to keep the brand "IN" and up to date with the hype of the moment.
  • Autonomous, energetic, proactive and able to adapt to our "startup" organization.
  • Upbeat and are motivated to exchange, share, give and receive feedback with team members and a genuine desire to grow with others, to create a healthy and supportive environment.

4. Languages
  • The position requires an excellent level in French AND English (primarily written) because of the targeted markets (North America + Western Europe)

5. Bonus : US market awareness and experience
  • As the US market is our primary target market, any relevant cultural understanding and experience would be beneficial.

IMPORTANT : The job is for an English native or bilingual speaker / writter. Please, DO NOT APPLY if you are NOT very comfortable with your writing skills. French is also a requirement.

Additional Information

  • Location : the position is a permanent contract starting in the second quarter of 2023 in Paris
  • Relocation package : to be discussed if successful candidate is located outwith France
  • Salary : 40 to 50k euros depending on experience.
  • Benefits : 100% employer-sponsored health insurance, 75% public transportation coverage, bicycle bonus.
  • Remote working is not an option, although it may be occasionally possible (at most 2 days a week).


How to apply ?
  • Send your CV and cover letter with the reference [Community Manager TCG] included in the topic.
  • CV and cover letter must be provided in English and it's strongly advised that the cover letter be personalized according to the expected experience. We want to know more about your link to the card game industry or similar hobbies (Boardgames, Videogames etc.)

To: Chief Marketing Officer
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