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Oh BiBi
16 rue d'Athènes
75009 Paris

Date : 16.11.2020
Reference : AFJV-ETES970-18845

Oh BiBi

Oh BiBi est le studio de jeux le plus innovant de France (voire même du monde, allons-y franchement) ! Fondé en 2012 par d'anciens Gameloft, Oh BiBi n'a qu'un seul objectif : développer les jeux mobiles les plus incroyables de l'histoire.

Loin de se cantonner à un genre de jeu unique, Oh BiBi ne s'impose aucune limite et travaille aussi bien sur des jeux de course, jeux de tir ou jeux de simulation. Avec à chaque fois une seule ambition : révolutionner le genre sur plateformes mobiles !

Grâce à son équipe de développeurs stars, Oh BiBi a fait de la performance, du plaisir de jeu et de la qualité esthétique des piliers de son travail.

Senior QA tester

Permanent contract Paris (75)

Position Duties

Oh BiBi is looking for a Senior QA Tester.
We are looking for a rigorous and self-motivated game tester with a true passion for mobile gaming and polished app experiences. You enjoy working in a dynamic and agile environment and are not afraid of communicating your ideas and needs to other team members.
We offer you a chance to join the founding team of passionate game developers who only believe in passion and individual talents. Oh BiBi offers development cycles where every idea matters and where bureaucracy stays behind the door. If working on amazing mobile game experiences sounds like your thing, just drop us an email and share your passion with us !

  • Design a rigorous and thorough test plan
  • Test all the features of the game, perform functional and performance testing on a broad range of devices
  • Report bugs/features and update the bug base
  • Manage the bug base and make sure priorities are correctly assigned
  • Work hand in hand with the whole production team
  • Work with game designers to ensure the game is correctly balanced

Candidate Profile

  • 4/5 years of experience in QA in the mobile gaming industry
  • Expert knowledge on mobile apps and games
  • Detail-driven attitude and extreme thoroughness required
  • Capable to animate characters and backgrounds
  • Passion for games
  • Good understanding of Free to Play model
  • Experience with Unity


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