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Maracas Studio (logo)
Maracas Studio
Quai Paul Verlaine 2, boîte 2
6000 Charleroi

Date : 09.11.2022
Reference : AFJV-SCEP2067-24321

Maracas Studio

Founded by two veterans of the Walloon game industry, Maracas Studio is a Belgian, mostly remote studio that develop games that stand out from the crowd.

We aim to create unique and engaging game experiences with care and respect for our players, employees, partners, students...

Our work relationship is based on trust and transparency. We think that both the studio and the employees should benefit from that relation.

We strive to make the best experiences with our resources by focusing on what matters most. We deal with constraints without loosing our vision.
Maracas Studio recrutement

Game / Level designer intern

Internship Charleroi (Belgium)

Internship Description

We are looking for an intern to work with our game designer on one of our two projects in early development. In collaboration with the team and the creative director, your missions will include :
  • Designing and iterating on gameplay features
  • Designing and implementing parts of an open world to drive on and explore
  • Creating content that fits the global intention of the game, its theme and narration
  • Writing clear documentation to communicate to the team and archive your intentions
  • Collaborating with all members of the team and assisting in deciding on the game's direction

Candidate Profile

We are looking for students in game design with the following skills :
  • Solid knowledge of game design theory
  • Proactive to propose design solutions to art and technical problems
  • Analytic skills to understand why a design works or doesn't
  • Good written and oral expression in English (the team is composed of non-French speakers and all documentation is written in English to be accessible to our collaborators)

The following skills would be a plus :
  • Experience with 3C design of adventure game, platformer, racing game...
  • Theoretical notions of open world level design
  • Capable of prototyping "quick and dirty" on Unity to iterate on and validate your design
  • Knowledge of collaborative tools like Slack, Discord, Notions, HacknPlan

Additional Information

We work mostly in remote but we hold physical meetings two days each month in a coworking space in Charleroi, Belgium. You are free to do the internship fully in remote or join us during those meetings, in which case transportation cost can be covered by the company. We remind you that by law internships cannot be paid in Belgium.

Maracas is a young studio with ambitions for growth, so you will join a growing team and witness the studio's creation and development from the start. We have an open, collaborative and respectful employee culture, where we take care of each other and learn together to be better everyday.

We're looking for interns starting 2023.


Please send us your resume and portfolio
To: David Bailly
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