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155/159, rue Anatole France
92300 Levallois-Preet

Postée le : 29.08.2018
Référence : AFJV-SCOM285-14019

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Our French office is based in Levallois, 20 minutes from the "Champs Elysées" and 5 minutes from Paris. As well as an onsite canteen, the office is conveniently surrounded by amenities such as a bakery, a pharmacy, various restaurants and bars and also a large shopping mall with many boutique shops. The subway station is a few steps away from the building and takes you straight to St Lazare, one of the biggest stations in central Paris. Alternatively, the train station is about a 20 minutes' walk.

Assistant Commercial

Stage Levallois-perret (92)

Description du stage

Le recrutement pour ce poste est maintenant terminé.