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Lightbulb Crew (logo)
Lightbulb Crew
157 boulevard Macdonald
75019 Paris

Date : 25.11.2023
Reference : AFJV-STES835-26485

Lightbulb Crew

Lightbulb Crew is an indie studio located in Paris. Our vision is to spark joy in people playing and making games.

We have a modern remote policy : the team can freely choose their location. We have an office in Paris 19e, in the Cargo building, where the team can also work. Do you want to be in full-remote, or join team members sometimes at the office ? That's up to you !

We have a diverse and creative team, and we have a solid and proven experience in remote working, allowing us to stay proficient with a good life / work balance. Our goal is to be inclusive and to have a safe working environment.

QA Intern

54 candidates • Internship Paris (75)

Internship Description

Recruitment for this position is now closed.
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