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Date : 19.10.2022
Reference : AFJV-EDEV610-24179

Fishing Cactus

We are from rainy Belgium, Mons, Wallonia. Belgians may be known for not having a government but we have awesome beers and chocolate. At Fishing Cactus, it also happens that 25 of us craft games with their hearts. Games which are, we hope, more than forgettable escapism, games leaving you with a feeling of change. Games we like to make, games we like to play.

Our current focus is on PC / Console and VR titles. We are known for our typing games franchise Epistory and Nanotale but we are working on even more ambitious projects.

If you like beer (or not), waffles, are talented, honest and autonomous and you want to pour his / her heart & soul in our next games, apply now !

Lead Unity Programmer

Permanent contract Mons (Belgium)

Position Duties

Fishing Cactus is currently looking for an experienced Unity programmer to lead a team of Unity programmers on unnannounced and ambitious titles.

As a lead, you will have a prominent role in the development of our projects. For the team and project manager, you are one of the main points of contact for all technical questions and solutions.
  • As an experienced programmer, you know how to work efficiently in Unity, you know and understand how to develop a game from scratch, have a good knowledge of hardware and console limitations (debugging, deployment, optimization, ...).
  • As an experienced programmer, you can come up with creative solutions or tools to improve the overall efficiency of the processes of the project or the studio.
  • As a lead, you can mentor and evaluate a team of programmers (both sernior and junior) and drive them towards efficiency, quality and provide them guidance to help solve technical problems in Unity.

Candidate Profile

  • At least 5 years of experience and or at least one shipped title on desktop or recent console. Ideally mobile VR.
  • Analytical mind with strong problem-solving skills
  • You can speak and write English and have a basic understanding of French (or French speaking).
  • This job requires seniority, we are not open to less experienced programmers.

  • Strong knowledge of C# and Unity
  • Good math skills
  • Ability to code and architect gameplay mechanics and tools
  • Write robust and maintainable code
  • Good instincts for game design and fun
  • Adaptive coding style (AKA no code ownership, coding standards driven)
  • You are familiar with SCRUM, code reviews and continuous integration processes
  • Dedicated to individual and team growth
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills both virtually and in person
  • Leadership, you can guide your team of programmers towards success
  • Collaborative attitude & responsible autonomy : you are autonomous in a team, you identify and create your own tasks, you deal with problems on your own and find solutions, individually or as a team.

  • Game development experience is a must !
  • Online multiplayer game development is a plus !
  • VR game development is a plus !

Additional Information

We are open to partial remote position but being at our studio in Mons three times per week will be mandatory to assure good mentoring.

  • The programmers we are looking for can work on prototypes, tools, engine and gameplay.
  • Leads must be communication driven people, strongly reliable in their skill. They work in close collaboration with other leads
  • All programmers at Fishing Cactus assist in the design / strategy / implementation of major gameplay features and systems and work on third party engines (Unity and UE4/5)
  • We offer competitive salaries & several company benefits
  • Please apply with your portfolio if any
  • A remote technical test will be required.


Vous pouvez postuler en français mais l'anglais est un plus.

Resume - cover letter - web site - references... (if relevant)
To: Recruitment manager
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